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I love Spider-Man and Pei-Wei!
Ralph Linardic

Back in 2012 when the first "Hunger Games" movie hit, it was great! I was instantly drawn to the characters of Katniss and Peeta. Along with "Catching Fire" I was really excited to see the Franchise progress. Until the "Mockingjay" movies came along. The decision to split the final chapter into two parts was a horrible one. Part one was dull, uninteresting, and exposition heavy. This Part two was no different. Aside from a little bit of action, it falls into the same trap as part one. "Mockingjay Part Two" is flat out boring. I love watching the characters, but the dialogue and story wasn't strong enough to warrant the type of movie Director Francis Lawerence was going for. As well as a slow pace, this film is Deathly grim. There are no bright spots. I understand that this isn't "Harry Potter", or even a "Percy Jackson" where there are bright spots, but I felt really emotionally drained at the credits, which isn't a good thing. I won't spoil anything, but there was a scene that felt very out of place and could have been left out. For the most part the cast did a great job. Jennifer Lawerence shines as she always does, but can't save this movie. It does sound like I hate this movie. I didn't hate it. Just very disappointed.


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