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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' TV and comic series, proceed with caution!

While most of us heavily suspected that last week's episode of The Walking Dead, 'Always Accountable,' introduced us to the comic book character, Dwight, AMC has now officially confirmed that it was Dwight on social media.

While tweeting out a poll asking viewers if they thought Daryl would get revenge on the two characters who stole his bike and crossbow, AMC confirmed that the blond haired man was in fact Dwight:

AMC also seemed to indicate that Dwight's partner's name was Honey, however most people have suspected this was just a pet name that Dwight has for her, because in the comic series Dwight's wife's name is Sherry.

The introduction of Dwight in the TV series has been significantly different than his introduction in the comic series, though in my opinion his TV introduction will pave the way for another character's introduction to have even more weight.

So, who is Dwight?

Dwight in the TV series vs comics
Dwight in the TV series vs comics

Dwight is a member of Negan's gang, the Saviors. In the comic series he's introduced in issue 98, is proficient in using a crossbow (remember, Daryl isn't a character in the comic series), and has a distinct, half burned face. I won't give too much away, but Dwight was directly responsible for doing some nasty shit to Rick's gang, and remains an important character in the series.

It's revealed in later on in the comics that before the apocalypse, Dwight was married to Sherry, though after the outbreak she agreed to be one of Negan's wives, thinking it would make life much easier for them both. Unfortunately, the pair underestimated how much they would miss each other once she got with Negan, and she cheated on Negan with her former husband. Once Negan found out about the cheating, he burned half of Dwight's face with a hot iron as punishment.

So, why was his TV introduction so good?

Dwight in 'Always Accountable'
Dwight in 'Always Accountable'

In 'Always Accountable' it becomes obvious that Dwight and Sherry were sick of living by Negan's rules ("we're done kneeling") and had run away to try and make a better life. However, Wade and his men were sent out by someone (who was almost certainly Negan) to bring them back and make them pay for the trouble they had caused. Luckily, with the help of Daryl, the pair (and the soon-to-be-dead Tina) were able to escape, and after they double crossed Daryl it looked like they safely got away – or did they? I suspect we'll see Sherry and Dwight again pretty soon, and when we do Dwight will have half his face burned off as punishment after trying to elope with Sherry. This little part of Dwight's backstory is great for the show because it means audiences are already starting to get a glimpse of what the evil Negan is like, long before we meet him. It was also a great way to include Daryl in the Saviors/Negan storyline from the beginning, given the fact that he's not in the comics.

Negan and the Saviors
Negan and the Saviors

I suspect the TV series will continue this tactic of hinting at the ferocity of Negan for nearly all of the second half of Season 6 in much the same manner that the comic series did (we first heard about Negan in issue 95, but didn't meet him until issue 100), meaning that by the time we finally meet the villain in the Season 6 finale, it will be quite an entrance.

I can't wait.



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