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When a franchise moves from books to the screen, directors have to contend with the pre-existing hardcore fan base that know the books inside-out. These fans probably know the story better than the director does, and many of them have oft-times been waiting for years or decades for certain plots, scenes or characters to be depicted on-screen.

Unfortunately, the world isn't always fair (life spoiler) and so directors cannot introduce absolutely everything that fanbases would like to see into their projects.

Francis Lawrence, the director for Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 was recently asked if fans who have been after a sex scene between Katniss and Peeta would get their wish granted.

Francis had this to say:

[T]hey want Katniss and Peeta to have sex at the end of the movie [...] There was no shooting that. These just aren’t sexual movies. The romance itself too, nobody actually has time to truly think about romance. It’s all sort of situational. It’s about comfort and trauma. She’s not pining over boys. It’s not like ‘Twilight.’ That was all about abstinence and wanting somebody so badly. I get it in stories like that; in this, it just didn’t make sense.”

Francis has a lot of integrity and sticks to his principles. In an interview he did a while back, he had this to say about his plans for taking over as Hunger Games director:

"One of the big pitches I made was that I didn't want to reinvent, I wanted to make the book. Everybody was with me on that; obviously so was Suzanne Collins. Luckily, Suzanne isn't a total stickler about everything; she's a great collaborator. Fans get attached to things..."

It's a shame that fans won't get what they want, but Lawrence does have a point. A sex scene at the end of the movie would not really complement the plot and may even risk derailing from the movie's plot and themes.

Here are some other times when directors choose not to include fans' desires in movies or TV shows...

1. Peeves in 'Harry Potter'

We all remember this mischievous poltergeist from the book franchise that would frequent the halls of Hogwarts. He was even set to appear in the first movie, to be played by late actor Rik Mayall. This fan wish was so close to being realized as scenes were actually filmed. Peeves never made the cut because the production team weren't happy with his design. Rik still got paid though.

2. Tom Bombadil in 'Lord of the Rings'

This lovely fella also never made it onto our screens. Frodo and his gang of hobbits are pretty much saved by him when they lost their way in the Old Forest. They are welcomed to his abode and are able to get some proper rest and a decent meal after their heavy and dangerous trek out of the shire.

Peter Jackson decided in the end not to include him (although did mention that he was going to make a quick allusion to him by showing a blue hat bobbing along the forest). When trying to pack a ton of information into three films, some things have got to be cut that aren't crucial to the main plot. Bombadil falls into this category, as Jackson deemed him less important.

Fans weren't too upset and people use what J.R.R. Tolkien once said in a letter to back up Jackson's decision:

“Tom Bombadil is not an important person - to the narrative. I suppose he has some importance as a ‘comment’”

3. Lady Stoneheart in 'Game of Thrones'

Many fans of the show are now saying that if the resurrected Undead version of Catelyn Stark was going to appear then she would have already done so, although there has been some speculation for Season 6.

Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion find Catelyn's dead body three days after the Boltons threw it into a river. Although it is declared by Thoros that it is too late to resurrect her (as he did once before, to Beric), Beric gives Catelyn's corpse his life energy and she rises. Catelyn is no longer the same person she was, having to hold her throat to be able to speak (considering it was slit open when she was murdered). Catelyn is also very vengeful and full of bitterness. She travels with the brotherhood without banners to kill any Bolton or Lannister that she finds.

Again, this one comes down to the sub-plot not being central enough to be included. However, stay tuned for Season 6...

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