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There's one in London, and now it seems that Universal Studio's The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is also coming to the other side of the pond, opening up a location in Los Angeles.

The project has been in the works for over five years, and has naturally been inspired by J.K. Rowling's incredible book series.

And now, a video has been released that shows visitors what's exactly in store at the attraction, introduced by a very enthusiastic Hogwarts Express conductor. So without any further hesitation, dive right into the magical universe, and see what establishments and famous landmarks you can visit as a Muggle:

1. Keep your eyes peeled for House Elves at the Three Broomsticks

Why not enjoy some hearty fare alongside some of the Hogwarts students, too?

2. Glug down a Butterbeer at the Hog's Head

Don't have too many, though!

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Honey Dukes

Be warned: The chocolate frogs can be quite a nuisance to eat.

4. Send a letter to your loved ones by owl

Stamped with a genuine Hogsmeade postmark, of course.

5. Trick your pals with something from Zonko's Joke Shop

Pick up a treat to help you on all your mischievous endeavors.

6. Remember that the "wand chooses the wizard" at Ollivander's Wand Shop

One out of the hundreds of boxes is sure to be yours!

Watch the full introduction video to Hogsmede below:



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