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Those adult doodlers are a deranged bunch. Give a child a coloring book and they'll scribble within the lines for days. Give an adult one and well, the below 14 examples of sordid shading illustrate exactly what they do...

1. Let me Sickle yer Knuts Harreh

2. Tickle me, Elmo

3. Scarlet Overthrill

4. Creep-a-pilla

5. Belle of the ball

6. (Flynn) Riders welcome

7. Walt White and the Seven Methheads

8. A bad case of the Woozles

9. Steamboatin'

10. Totally stuffed

11. Ruff day?

12. Sacrifice Street

13. He was lion to ya...

14. What a dope

15. Flippin' hell

16. Wooooofff...the f*ck?

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