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If you're in the mood for something uplifting, this story is just what you need.

Us Magazine published an article yesterday about two hardcore Adele fans who ended up in a bit of a pickle. Kristen Smith and Mary Kate Romano were really looking forward to seeing Adele perform live after Mary Kate's father gave the two tickets for her show at Radio City Music Hall. The tickets were purchased last minute, but when they arrived at the door the guards wouldn't let them in.

“We walked to the door to get in and the guy scanned the tickets and told us they were fake. We were both so disappointed and sad that we made the trip into NYC and were so close, but wouldn't actually get to see Adele.”

They tried waiting in line to buy legitimate tickets, but eventually realized all hope was lost and decided to go home.

Jimmy saves the day

On their way away from the concert hall they noticed a line of cars that all had black-tinted windows. The girls naturally assumed that there was probably someone famous inside the cars, and before you know it Jimmy Fallon stepped out.

Kristen and Mary Kate called out Jimmy's name and they got to meet with him and take a photo together. While they were posing, the girls told him about their fake tickets. Jimmy said that's too bad, but the girls assured him that their night actually turned out alright since they got to meet him. It was at this point they noticed a guy standing in the doorway.

"We’re not sure if he worked with Jimmy or if he worked for Radio City Music Hall. He said 'I can make your night even better,’ and he pulled out an envelope and handed me two tickets to get into the show. It was so unexpected. Without Jimmy Fallon leaving at that time, we never would have ended up getting in!”

That's incredible! These girls truly went on an emotional roller coaster that night; first they were excited, then disappointed and then REALLY excited. I'm glad their evening turned out to be what Kristen described as "unbelievable" and "a dream come true." It's very nice to hear an uplifting story for a change.

Source: Us Magazine


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