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Well isn't this a bit awkward...?

Caitlyn Jenner has just spoken out in defense of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, saying that they are all incredibly hard-working. Yet amidst all the chat, she only named one of her children. Oops!

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters
The Kardashian-Jenner sisters

Speaking at Graceland University in Iowa, Caitlyn hit out at people who rain down blows on the family for being "famous for just being famous." She revealed:

"I've been blessed to have 10 children in my life. My kids work hard - they work everyday."

Yet, having said that, it appeared that only Kendall was deserving of all the praise:

"Some say 'they are famous for being famous'. No, they are famous for hard work... My little Kendall works every day. She's in Australia for three days, she'll be back home for one day then she'll be off to Europe. She'll be travelling all over the world. She never stops."

Admittedly, Kendall has been working very hard, gracing magazine covers and walking shows all over the world for the biggest fashion houses. And only last week did she finally get her Victoria's Secret angel wings as part of the iconic fashion show.

Yet, what about Kylie and your other children, Caitlyn? Have you forgotten that they have also pulled their weight over the years, not only in the entertainment industry, but in fashion too?

I doubt Caitlyn's words are going to go down as a treat with the other siblings, you know, those other kids with similar last names and parentage...



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