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In a post that has now been deleted, actress and model Paz de la Huerta has essentially declared herself Kardashian enemy number one, after the 31-year-old "advised" all of her loyal followers that no one should be following any of the Kardashians because there are more important things happening in the world that we should be focused on.

Paz has now deleted her post, but because this is the Internet, nothing is ever truly deleted, and screenshots of the post are still floating around the web:

Talk about shots fired!

De la Heurta's comments come after Khloé Kardashian was recently involved in a heated exchange on Twitter, telling Twitter users to "get off my d-ck" and "f--k off" after she was harassed for being with new boyfriend James Harden, while still technically being married to husband Lamar Odom.

Source: D Listed


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