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Not quite backwards compatibility but soon you will be able to play your favourite Playstation 2 games on your shiny new PS4.

As not to be left behind in the race to be the number one video game console, Sony have announced that they are now working on what they call 'emulation' technology that will allow for classic PS2 games to be playable on their latest machine.

It would seem that Sony have been working on this technology since 2014. In January of last year an anonymous tip from within Playstation stated that they had been working on a new backwards compatibility system but couldn't provide further details. They also stated that the emulator would play PS2 games in full native HD when run into the PS4. The emulator is designed to put an end to the sometimes disappointing results of simple PS1 - PS2 upscaling methods.

In addition to the upscaled graphical content the emulator will add more pixels, remap the controls to fit with modern giros and include an all new trophy support system for the classic games. Sounds pretty good so far!

In a survey conducted last last month, Sony asked PlayStation users what they want to see next on their new machines. Among the many responses received, there seems to be a high demand for PS1 & PS2 classic compatability.

It would seem that Sony are making good on their users suggestions. There is no official release date yet, but it would appear that Sony are testing certain classic games behind the scenes. What do you want to see next on PS4?

Earlier this month Xbox One became the only modern gaming machine that offers backward compatibility to it's players. There are currently over 100 Xbox 360 games available with new games being added to the roster every month. Cany Sony pick up the slack and provide a similar service before the end of 2015?

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