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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Not a fan of the '80s horror remake, per se? This one might just change your mind... do you remember 1986 horror comedy House?

Sean Cunningham, who produced the original House as well as writing and directing Friday the 13th, spoke to Fangoria about his House remake plans.

"I’m doing it right now. We are deeply in development. We worked on [a new] HOUSE about four or five years ago and determined that the structure of [the original] is extremely strong, and that just remaking it in modern times wasn’t going to improve it, and wasn’t going to change it. It would have to be rethought, and there had to be a really good reason to do it."
Remember this 80s creepy critter?
Remember this 80s creepy critter?

Oh, and wait - there's a twist!

"Recently, we came up with—and it sounds so obvious—what if we made a gender switch, so that it’s not a man in the house? Although they’re not involved, imagine HOUSE starring Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy... if we did it that way, it would bring back the fun that HOUSE had. So that’s the direction I’m committed to going in. I would love to make that movie."

There are so many great funny women who could rock a comedic role like this. Brooklyn Nine Nine's Chelsea Peretti springs to mind, as do pretty much any of the girls rocking SNL. What do you guys think?

Source: Youtube, Tumblr, Fangoria


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