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Colton Haynes has a lot of TV Shows in his past, he is growing into a TV superstar. from The Gates and Look to Teen Wolf and Arrow. His first movie Co role in San Andreas and his first Lead role in a movie Triumph. Now Colton Haynes is ready to be a lead in a TV Show. With Colton Haynes maybe returning to Teen Wolf and being a guest in the DC Arrowverse. But Colton Haynes is ready for a lead role. Do you guys know what role?

Arkham The Tales of The Dark Knight:

This would be a new TV Show, it probably won't be in the Arrowverse. Because Colton Haynes would play Batman. But not Bruce Wayne. Terry McGinnes Would be his name. Better know as Batman Beyond. Colton Haynes would play an 17 year old boy, We'll see him making trouble, fighting. Bruce Wayne won't be used. In Episode 1 and 2 we'll see the past of Terry. After Episode 2 he'll be 17 and we'll see him turn into a hero. With villains as The Joker, Ice Man, etc.

Arkham The Tales of The Dark Knight will air his pilot in 2017.

Colton Haynes is also working on a movie, Colton would play a Lead role. "Abduction 2". The first 1 was with Taylor Lautner. But the sequel never happened with him. But they're ready now to make it. Colton Haynes is also a candidate to play in Never Back Down 4.

Abduction 2:

The second movie would be very different than the first one. It would be like "Getaway" and "Taken 2". It would be with a lot of action. And a big story.

Daniel Sharman:

Daniel Sharman is also set to play a big movie. Daniel Sharman is going to play a movie very simular to "Journey to the center of the earth".


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