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Day 20 of 22

Two more days!


No Lion Guard news today, but Disney has been spoiling us this whole week with new clips and such, so we musn't be too greedy! Maybe they've shown us all they need to before Lion Guard's premiere on Sunday. However they could also release something later today or tomorrow.

Picture of The Day

This is Kiara's reaction to Bunga telling everyone Kion's The new Lion Guard. Kiara is puzzled, and after this picture she asks Kion what the Lion Guard is. This means Simba was hiding it from him. He was scared about Kion leading the guard at such a young age, maybe he didn't intend to tell him until he was an adult.

Things to Ponder

"If Kion has to take the throne, who will be The Lion Guard?"

As much as we love Kiara around here. sometimes we put her in harm's way in these things to ponder. What if something happened to her and Kion had to take the throne? Who would run the Lion Guard?

I have some theories:

1. The guard is disbanded. It will come back if has two cubs.

2. It becomes a dual responsibility: He'd be king and Lion Guard.

3. His guard would take over.

As we know from Lion King 2 though, Kiara will get her happy ending and become queen with her love, Kovu, as her king. Unless this situation happened post Lion King 2....

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