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Ooohhhh.... Hear that ?

That's the sound of my back after watching this stupid, so-bad-its-good B-movie flick running late night on the Z-Studio channel in India.

Behold... The face of crappiness!
Behold... The face of crappiness!

If you don't know what is the story behind this, here is a condensed plot of the entire movie in a few words.

Big shark. Big croc. Much boom. Bad acting. Roll credits.

And that's basically the entire plot of this movie in a nutshell. Aside from stereotypical characters and the script I wrote for a monster movie in fourth grade while watching Godzilla, the CGI is incredibly bad, with the production company, infamous mock buster maker The Asylum, choosing have the same sequence of the Megashark's fin in different settings.

But there is not much to complain about more than that, if there is anything left to complain about all.

The characters are bland and unlikable, with the douche bag Jaleel White portrays as being the most unlikable of all. Nigel the stereotype is the most likable of the cast, though that really isn't saying much.

But one of the redeeming qualities of this movie is its sets. From a submarine to a nuclear facility, the atmosphere shifts with each scene, with the lighting and tone for each setting really giving a sense of urgency or a type of calm before the storm.

Not sure if CGI or Michael Bay's dream...
Not sure if CGI or Michael Bay's dream...

The action sequences are very, very cheesy. This leads me to suspect Michael Bay had a hand in making this movie. In one of the last sequences Nigel does an unnecessary flip and downs a baby croc with bullets... from a normal gun.

Are you kidding me?!

They couldn't bring down baby crocs with shotguns but suddenly Nigel can kill them with 2 bullets from a handgun ?! This completely screws over the movies main threat!

Final Verdict: 2.0

Hilariously bad, with unlikable characters, bad CGI and a lunch break script, there are few redeeming qualities to this movie. But be sure to shelve this flick till the day you hear there is a meteorite heading to Earth.


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