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We might have to wait a while for new Steven Universe episodes, but in the meantime there's plenty of speculation to be had over the mysteries fans hope will be solved in the latter part of season 2. With an intricate and immaculately planned backstory, Steven Universe is full of cryptic hints and unanswered questions.

Season 2 has already gone a long way to solving these mysteries, but there's still a lot we don't know about Homeworld, and their plans for the Earth. But all that will soon change! Steven Universe is set to return in early 2016, and a few of the episode summaries have recently been released, giving us a better idea of what to expect from the show...

Deceptive Summaries

The Steven Universe episode summaries are always released in advance of the episodes airing. They're usually somewhat misleading, downplaying the importance of the revelations contained in the episodes themselves by using simple terminology. An excellent example of this is the synopsis for When It Rains.

This episode contained some huge plot developments courtesy of Peridot, and we finally found out some vital information about the terrifying Cluster. But the summary for the episode was deceptively lighthearted...

"Steven helps a friend who is afraid of thunderstorms."

While this is technically true, it's odd for this to be the focus of the summary, but Steven Universe often uses the moral lessons of the story as the synopsis, and this helps the big plot twists not to be spoiled beforehand. Having said that, the summaries do contain hints, as do the episode titles themselves.

Plot Developments

So onto the new synopses! Let's take a look at what's been released so far...

Super Watermelon Island: "Steven finds out what happened to the Steven-shaped watermelons he created."

Alright, this one's fairly straightforward - a sequel to the season 1 episode Watermelon Steven, Super Watermelon Island will definitely deal with the watermelons that walked into the ocean at the end. Presumably they've built their own colony on an island, and the word "super" at the beginning implies they've only become more powerful.

I can't wait to see Peridot's reaction to the Watermelon Stevens! This episode will probably be a pretty hilarious break before things get a bit heavy later on. And we're probably going to get some serious developments of the Cluster plot in episode 75...

Gem Drill: "Steven and the Gems travel far underground."

So it seems as though after a few episodes of build up, with the Gems constructing the drill, this episode will actually show their mission to go down to defeat the Cluster. This is quite a big plot point for the show to deal with so early in season 2, and judging from the subsequent episode titles (which are handily listed on Wikipedia), it seems as though we've still got about 15 episodes in between Gem Drill and the ultimate confrontation between the Crystal Gems and Jasper (or Homeworld or even Yellow Diamond herself).

Garnet and Jasper fight
Garnet and Jasper fight

This conflict seems to be part of a three-episode arc near the end of season 2: Beta (1), Earthlings (2), and Back 2 the Moon (3) will probably be when the action kicks off. Episode titles after that also mention important plot points like the gem harvest and the kindergarten, so it's safe to say that this will be the climax of the season.

Relationship Conflicts

So what does this mean for the episode Gem Drill? Personally, I think it means that the Crystal Gems won't get far in their first mission underground, or maybe they'll make a new discovery that will delay them getting to the Cluster. And they do seem to be back to the drawing board in the next episode...

Barn Mates: "Steven helps two friends get along in the family barn."

Seeing as the barn is where the Crystal Gems are constructing the drill, it could be they have to do some repairs in this episode, which starts off a conflict between two of them. My money's on Garnet and Peridot being the "two friends" who Steven has to mediate: Pearl and Amethyst have both had episodes that dealt with their issues with Peridot, and goodness knows Garnet and Peridot have a lot to work through...

With Peridot's prejudice against different gems fusing together, Garnet's entire existence makes her "uncomfortable". If Barn Mates really does deal with this conflict, it's going to make for a fabulous episode full of lovely themes of acceptance, which Steven Universe does so well.

Ultimately, the next 3 episodes for Steven Universe season 2 seem packed full of plot revelations and relationship developments, and I for one can't wait to see what happens next. Roll on 2016!

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