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I’ve calmed down, slept on it, watched it again, had to calm myself down again, and now I’m ready to talk about this.

The short clip preview is basically a shot for shot live action version of an iconic scene in Dragon Ball Z. The epic battle between earth’s strongest hero, Goku and the evil saiyan, Prince Vegeta.

First off, the scenery was great. Something about the colors worked really well for me. The grays and greens somehow looked better than I imagined the beige desert scenery that the anime battle took place in.

The first shot we see of our hero is of him falling from the sky. And we get our first glimpse of the actor who plays Goku. Even though he isn’t a visual copy and paste version of the Goku from the anime (huge spiky hair and ridiculously bulging muscles), I never doubted that he was Goku.

From the confidence and bravery I saw in his face to his unyielding stance, I thoroughly enjoyed watching him. I rooted for him just like I rooted for him many years ago to defeat the evil alien Prince Vegeta, who threatens to destroy the earth.

Speaking of Vegeta, I thought there would be a moment of clarity for Goku before we saw the alien. Maybe a moment where Goku thinks to himself that he can’t win this battle or that he actually enjoys fighting with Vegeta. And then I heard it.

“Kakarot! Face me you fool!”

I kid you not, it took everything in me not to scream aloud. The voice, the background music… I almost cried.

We don’t see Prince Vegeta in all his glory, but we don’t have to. The voice is enough to carry the weight of the situation as well as the hype.

We see Goku prepare for another fight with Vegeta, who you can slightly see is in the frame surrounded by his ki energy. The hero gets into his famous Kamehameha pose that every 90’s kid has tried at least once in their lives.

He charges up his attack to an amazing trailer-like instrumental. Small rocks were rising from the ground from the energy that Goku was putting out. He had his Kaioken attack on while simultaneously still charging his ki blast. And then he fires. And as if the moment wasn’t nostalgic enough, the fucking ground implodes from under him to create the exact same scene from the anime!

The full episodes are going to be amazing! Sure there will be people who nitpick, but that’s OK. If they keep the amazing effects and continue to have good acting, it’ll be nothing but smooth sailing. Great preview! I look forward to watching this series. Great job K&K Productions!

TL;DR Watch this shit!

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