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MPU has come to a close, and already the sadness and withdrawals from the weekly deadlines has kicked in. The mundane reality of my actual day job has returned, but thankfully the incredible community spirit and new friendships live on.

The 6 week course has flown by, and I'd like to take this opportunity to end my time with this brief article to sing the praises of all that I've enjoyed. Now my mentor will already know how easily I get wrapped up in positive spiel, so forgive my eger and frantic ranting if I accidentally over look anything (but hey, that's what the lovely comments section is for, right?).

Monsters University... I mean MoviePIlot University
Monsters University... I mean MoviePIlot University

I found out about this course through sheer luck, I saw other contributors talking about the benefits and the fun they had on my facebook feed, and asked all of them how they became a part of it. This became a growing trend from other contributors asking the same thing, and everyone wanted to be apart of it. I applied thinking that it would be ages until I got lucky enough to be picked, but then a few weeks later I received that exciting acceptance e-mail and things suddenly became real.

The daunting deadlines struck fear into my heart at first, but once the ball started rolling in that first week, everything seemed to flow effortlessly. The creators that fill my newsfeed on facebook had grown exponentially thanks to this course, and have even become celebrities of sorts in my eyes now, as I eagerly look forward to reading all of their articles to help get me through those laborious days at the office. I was excited to raise my game in this field, and join their esteemed ranks.

The workload of real life and MPU had filled my schedule, so I braced myself for a busy 6 weeks and got stuck in. I made a jokey slogan in the first week, "MPU is like having a gun to your head, except in thee best way possible", and I still stand by that slogan now. The workload (when mixed with your social life and day job) is a tough thing to sink your teeth into at first, but once you find you pattern, everything just slots into place. By the end of my time I actually really enjoyed the pressure and miss it now it's gone.

Plus I do love a bit of hard work, to much freedom is a terrible thing for someone like me.

I loved every minute of my MPU experience and would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their skills, or just needs a confidence boost to get out there and ignore the hate. This programme has taught me that I can write about the things I love regardless of negative feedback (because that comes regardless). The mentors on the course were fantastic all the way through, they were there around the clock to help with any and all queries. You really couldn't have asked for a more accepting, patient and helpful collections of staff, their efforts and work alone is nothing short of amazing and really is something to be commended.

I loved working with my mentor Paul Singh, he was a brilliant help from start to finish and really saved my bacon on more than one occasion. I had computer issues, a car crash and yet more computer issues, the guy went above and beyond to help me solve all of these. The other mentors were all brilliant, they'd all be around on facebook and would always be happy for you to PM them anytime, which really helped to make you feel part of something more than just yourself. Their commitment to helping us so much, is a major selling point for MPU in and of itself.

The group of students themselves were all highly entertaining and helpful also, any problem or issue anyone had, they'd all be more than happy to jump in and help each other. Watching everyone go from strength to strength as the weeks passed was amazing to watch, you really felt like you were part of something huge and amazing, and everyone got along extremely well (which is alway an added bonus).

Graduating from MPU gives you and overwhelming sense of accomplishment and confidence, I'm pretty sure this must be how it feels to graduate from Star Fleet Academy. I wish I could say I kobayashi maru'd this bitch, but it was all down to hard work and dedication.

It was tough, but more than that, it was fun. It was exciting and it really made watching your favourite shows that much more different. You weren't just watching these films or programmes as a fan, but you were watching them and re-watching them looking for new angles and different aspects that could give you that added inspiration for your 4 articles each week.

To anyone reading this, or anyone on MoviePilot looking to further their skills or looking to find their own unique voice out there on the big internet machine, then this is the course for you.

It's taught me that it is ok to be a little sarcastic, it is ok to speak from your heart, and most importantly, you don't have to change anything about who you are or what you want to write about to conform to anyones standards. The mentors help you grow as a writer, they help support you and build you up, they help you develop and flourish. We get the certificates, but they should get a large helping of thanks and praise from all of us. Thanks to them, I've learnt the valuable lesson that it is ok to make mistakes, everyone does.

The one thing I value most from my time with MPU is my newly formed thick skin. When you're writing about things that so many people are passionate about around the world, you're going to encounter some hate. People just naturally like to judge and criticise, which of course is human nature, I mean there are a ton of TV shows based off of the very principle of tough judges. But once you learn to not take that personally, you can just let it all go, and walk away without feeling bad or upset. By the end of the 6 weeks, my skin has grown thicker than The Thing from Fantastic Four.

It's a vital necessity because man, haters really do hate.

I look good, right?
I look good, right?

Like everything in life you have to take the rough with the smooth, and in this case the rough was more than worth it for everything you gain and take away from this experience.

I'm not here to discuss the intricate details of the course itself, this has been more about what I've taken away from the experience as a whole, and what I've enjoyed about it most. As with everything in life, the experience and results differ from person to person, it's part of what makes us who we are as people. But I've finished this ride with an amazing sense of pride, joy and happiness. I'm glad I took on the challenge and I thankful for all the amazing people I've met and the friends that I've made.

It has been an incredible 6 weeks and I am, in all honesty, sad that it's over. It has been an exciting few weeks that have flown by, filled with high's and excellent feedback and praise from a brilliant team of mentors and contributors. The sheer thrill of watching your follower, reads and engagement counters rise was a personal highlight of mine. Having never had a piece of work trend before, it was a real enjoyable moment watching one of my articles at the the top of the trending list, just seeing the number of views rise by the thousands within a few moments made all the hard work that much more satisfying.

It's been one incredible journey with MPU and I really encourage all those interested to just go for it, because when your time comes and you get selected, it will change the way you see MoviePilot forever, and the bonds you make along the way are something worth cherishing. It's hard work, but equally just as amazing and fun, I can't thank the staff at MoviePilot enough for giving me this chance and I really hope many more of you get to share in this enjoyment with us.

Thank you all for taking the time out to read my little reflection on my personal MPU experience, and I look forward to many more years of working with all of you, and creating.

Stay true to yourself readers and write from the heart. Share what you love with millions of fans from around the world, because as long as you're creating something you feel passionate about you can't go wrong. Embrace the hate and continue to revel in all the nerdy-ness that we all love so much.

Thank you once again the the MoviePilot staff for sharing this opportunity with me, thank you to the incredible mentors and contributors, and thank you to the thousands that have read my work around the world.

I also apologize for the sporadic ramblings of sheer joy and excitement as I finish this love not to MPU on 24 hours with no sleep, gotta love the joys of your real job.


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