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If you’re someone trying to follow all the news on the current Arrow season 4 then you’ve probably been hearing quite a lot about Speedy, the crimson archer. This is thanks to the never ending rumors about whether or not Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) is returning to Arrow this season. But if you haven’t read the thousand necessary comics you need to understand all the lore about Speedy, then you’ve probably been fairly confused by a lot of this. So without further ado, here are the most important people to ever take up the mantle of Speedy, and how they may tie into the upcoming DC Extended Universe.


Brave Bow recognized in Harper an early talent for archery, and he was trained in that skill throughout his time on the reservation. With few friends and a lot of time on his hands, Harper practiced extensively, eventually developing the skill of someone twice his age.Arsenal is the current vigilante identity of Roy Harper, Green Arrow's ward and former sidekick. He has also been known as Speedy and Red Arrow during his long career. Though Arsenal has no superpowers, his accuracy with projectiles is equaled only by his mentor.

2.) Mia Dearden

Mia was raped by her father, then taken in by a pimp, Richard, and moved to Star City. She was prostituted by Richard, and was saved by Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) from a councilman. After that, Mia begins to work at the Star City Youth Center, after quickly guessing that Oliver Queen is Green Arrow. She later becomes Green Arrow's ward. One day, Mia comes across his longbow, and Green Arrow offers to train her in efficiently using the longbow. From there on, Mia officially became his sidekick, though she had not yet taken on the name of Speedy.

Other sidekicks of Green Arrow:The Emerald Archer

1.) Cissie King-Jones

Arrowette is a super-hero legacy name in the DC Universe. The original version was Bonnie King, a vigilante active during the Silver Age. Trained as an Olympic archer, eventually she became inspired by Green Arrow. Her daughter and successor is a teenager named Cissie King-Jones. Taking up her mother's mantle, Cissie became a member of Young Justice until her retirement. Arrowette was created by Lee Elias, first appearing in World's Finest #113. (1960)

2.) Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke is the second Green Arrow, one of the greatest martial artists in the DC Universe and an excellent archer. His father is Oliver Queen and his mother is a woman named Moonday Hawke. Queen abandoned him at an early age because he was not yet ready to be a father, but they rekindled their relationship later on in life and Connor forgave him. Growing up in an ashram, he was raised on Buddhist philosophy, although he has no problem with physical violence. He has been a member of Team Arrow and the Justice League. Connor Hawke was created by Kelley Puckett and Jim Aparo, first appearing in Green Arrow (Volume 2) #0. (1994)

Even as The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow tightens a stranglehold around either Arrow Season 4 or The Flash Season 2, the DC drama isn’t afraid to dive deeper into its comic roots. Case in point, famed Green Arrow character Connor Hawke will put in an appearance on the new series, but with a surprising twist from the canon.

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There are more iterations of Green Arrow's sidekicks, but those are the main four, with the slightest chances of them appearing in live-action. I unfortunately didn't talk about Earth-2 Connor Hawke (Red Arrow), or Roy Harper transitioning into Red Arrow. But who do you want to see most in a live action Green Arrow solo movie? Personally I'm all for Roy Harper, the original and arguably best. Still, they're all pretty incredible characters, so I'm down for seeing any of them. But that's just my opinion guys, so until next time, enjoy your lives.


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