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Hello my fellow readers , the overall topic of this post is about the nicknames Klaus gives his the woman he was into and had something with followed by him making paintings of them, this includes Hayley a very special one out of all the women who had or are a part of Klaus Mikealsons life. Klaus called Caroline and Cami to be beautyful also Caroline and Aurora to have light in them. As he told that Caroline he made her a drawing with a horse cause she likes horses just like him thanking her for her honesty of calling him out on his behaviour, but getting that this comes from Klaus not feeling worthy of love cause Klaus didn't love him. Klaus feels understood and connected with her so he makes a drawing of Caroline. Some time later he tells Caroline " You are like me, you like to be strong, ageless, fearless", He is the only one talking in that conversation, he is the one who wants to make a connection with her, but not Caroline. Still his charms go so far that he convinces Caroline to admit her desire of Klaus and sleep with him due to him promising her to be free of him after she does. Klaus paints Genevieve as the beatyfull, dangerous yet honest person who told him about his sisters betrayal and lover sleeping nacked in his bed. When he meets Cami he feels connected to her after she describes the painting practically a mirror of Klaus's state of mind after learning that he is to become a father, as "a man damaged by his demons". He compels Cami repeatedly as a spy for Marcel and also to forget about her brother because he wants the feeling of doing something good. In season 2 they sit in a cafe, where Cami is all confused of Klauses crewl attitude and in the same episode he says that he would wish for nothing more than to be with her ,who always believes him ,in a cafe. Klaus called Cami the brave bartender, the curious student and his therapist. So he paints her as in that night he so her getting chased from Marcel where she bravely tells him of by threatening him to harm him,if he doesn't leave her alone, a cafe on the right side of the painting. Klaus paints Aurora in a field of levenders, like at the day he wrote her a love letter that said that he sees a light in her that makes him feel like the man he wants to be and makes him forget what he is. Even though the painting was meant to trick Aurora it would still have to be something he and also she would connect to their romantic connection for that to work. Hayley is called by Klaus little wolf, queen and once in a deleted flashback scene Madonna as he calls her and Hope "Madonna and child". Hayley is the tough cunning twisted little wolf who can relate to him and who would rather die than end up as one of his sired little bitches and who is a lot like Klaus as they are both custoffs , who learned to fight when they are backed into corner. She is the strong, fearless (and unlike Klaus) mercyful queen who stands up towards Klaus for her people with whom Klaus could imagine ruling kingdoms with as we see from his reaction to Jacksons request to Klaus to help Hayley with the pack when he has killed Jackson. Out of all nicknames Klaus has given Hayley Madonna comes out to be the most significant one. Klaus calls Hayley and Hope Madonna and child in a flashback scene where both sit on a blancket on a sunny day by the fire place. Among artists Madonna (which also means "My lady" in italian language) and child are refferences to icons picturing the holly virgin Mary, mother of god and gods son, holding the Jesus child, the son of god. Now even if this scene was deleted it was a very significant one, cause writers always write and film scenes in a certain way to deliver a massage and for the scenes to be actually shown. So deleted scenes rarely lack significance when it comes to filming them in shows. We know from interviews that the TO writers describe Hope as the motivation for Klaus to change his ways and be redeemed, but Hayley is described to be the key to Klaus redemption. So now Klaus the artist reffers to Hayley as Madonna the holly mother of god and to his daughter Hope as the Jesus child. It is rather amusing that both Hope and Jesus alike are described to be miracle babys due to them being created in ways that go against the natural law going by the christian belief. For christians Jesus is just like Hope to Klaus the ultimately pure form of ourselves that we cherish and try to live up to the standards Jesus has lived his life to be deemed worthy in his and his and our fathers ( gods) eyes for redemption and to enter the gods kingdom in heaven where the ultimate peace awaits us. The christians pray to the Madonna, the mother of god for mercy for our souls, so god our creator would forgive and not punish us, cause the mother of god has soften him up towards us and our sins. While the Madonna is indeed loving and merciful towards us sinners, who loves and waits for us sinners to beg for her mercy and love, but should we once not be receiving her mercy, great punishment is to await us. She is the one we bow down to and consider sacred as the holder of heavens love for all us sinners. Weither we may receive mercy or punishment in life neither will serve to lead us to the path to our undoing. What the Madonna is for us christians that is Hayley to Klaus, she is the key to his redemption the one he craves to please but never sees himself capable of doing so in the eye of her sacred power and position as the being Hayley is. Hayley also feels alike like Klaus, but at the same time views herself on a higher level than Klaus, cause she is capeable of trusting people and not lashing out completely in the eye of a threat. She doesn't say anything back when others call Klaus a monster ( = sinner) cause she feels like his equal yet at the same time she doesn't see him as something that irredeemable as a monster would be. She sees good in him and hopes for that to take over, but when Klaus lets Hayley down in her faith in him, she would call him a psycho, a lunatic, someone with a paranoid mind who she won't show mercy towards anymore. The punishment awaits Klaus in that form that he is close to getting his child, his metaphorical Jesus and motivation for redemtion taken away by Hayley. As Klaus took his child with him and cursed Hayley he surely has the motivation for redemption with him, but as Rebekah said a home and family without Hayley, the childs mother, is not what happiness looks like. Klaus could never find happiness without Hayley, the key to his redemption. As Klaus holds on to his indifferent attitude in matters of Hayleys curse Freya tells him that he is tearing the family apart like this. As Klaus later asks Freya for help to find Hayley she calls him out on him worrying for her to be truly lost and when Hayley attacks him he just stops her from hitting him although he is seemingly angry at the furious little wolf, she keeps hitting him and he doesn't show offensive action until she acuses his family being a threat to Hope. When Hayley jumps on the balcony he doesn't show any intention to fight with her anymore, standing towards the strong fearless queen. When she starts to comfront him with all of his sins towards her and Hope that is there Klaus regret for his sins crashing down on him starts to take him over. He offers Hayley a room in his house he has prepared for her, he is quiet excited at the thought of being in a custody war for the child with Hayley, meaning he has a chance to prove himself worthy, but when Hayley says that mums win them now so that he would loose his expression on the face darkens. Klaus sins weigh so heavily on him that he admitts his sins to Elijah outwardly and honestly. Klaus also once said to no other but Hayley that painting is a metaphor for control, every choise is his, canvas color. Out of all the women Hayley is the only one Klaus could not control in no way. She is so many different things to him: a tough cunning little wolf, a strong fearless, merciful queen, a Madonna leading him to redemption, that it's impossible for Klaus to put her in one image or choose the canvas and color for her to paint it. Even if he could manage it, which he can't, Hayley wouldn't be impressed of such ways of showing attention as we know from TVD 4x16 which Klaus found rather refreshing. So whoever reads this can feel free to believe in Klaus and Cami as the endgame couple, or be a Klaroline shipper, or even be head over heels for Klaurora for all I care I remain believing in a Klayley endgame. Notheless I don't think that anyone can deny that with the nicknames given by Klaus to Hayley, that he shares with her an fundamentally unique connection which isn't to think away when it comes to Klaus. Coming to the end of this post I wanna thank all Klayley shippers who share there thoughts on the show and it's couples, which always give me the little inspiration I need to write stuff like this. Thank you and keep going !!!!


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