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Finally Star Wars: Battlefront has hit store shelves and is giving us a healthy dose of Star Wars action one month before the release of the latest film, but was the game worth the wait?

Star Wars: Battlefront is the third Battlefront game to be released and this time has been developed by Battlefield developers Dice. From a design aspect, Battlefront is flawless, the excellent sound and visual design of the game put you right in the heart of the battle. Actual sound effects and music from the original trilogy are here and make the whole game completely immersive and then there's the bonus of having some of the best graphics to hit the Xbox One/Playstation 4 yet! But when playing the game, I couldn't help but feel that it was incomplete. Star Wars: Battlefront is strictly a multiplayer game with the exception of some quick tutorials and survival missions, there is no single player campaign and whilst most of us bought Battlefront for it's online capabilities, the lack of a single player mode or even a story make the £50/$60 price tag an unfair price for gamers to pay.

From a gameplay aspect, I'm having a blast playing Battlefront, the several different multiplayer modes featuring Walker Assault, Fighter Squadron and Hero Hunt etc are really fun to play, but you'll struggle to stay interested after an hour or two. Playing as Rebels and Stormtroopers on the forest moon of Endor or on the desert planet Tatooine make you feel like you're in Star Wars, and it's great when you find a power up to change into one of 6 playable heroes or villains, but again, this is all online and after a while of being spawn killed or chopped down by an overpowered Darth Vader every 2 minutes, Battlefront becomes a tedious chore. The entire game also feels very simple, you only get one weapon upon spawn with no option for a sidearm, there's no ammo instead all weapons just re-charge and customization is just a variety of different heads for your Rebel or Stormtrooper.

To back up my statement of an incomplete package, there's already a season pass available for purchase at an astounding price of £40/$50 for four different DLC packs with no release dates or content description, and even then, all that DLC is strictly multiplayer which means gamers who want more content for their game will have to buy the season pass meaning a still incomplete feeling game will cost around £90/$110 when all the DLC is released, which is completely absurd.

It may seem like I'm really hating on this newest Star Wars game, but I am having a really fun time with the game, but Battlefront should have been a game I'll play for months on end because of my adoration for Star Wars but the lack of story or interesting customization options in mutliplayer I'm not sure I will be.

Battlefront is a fun game to play, it's incredibly immersive, beautifully designed and has some great multiplayer modes but its infuriatingly incomplete with no story mode and a barrage of DLC coming our way within the next year, it's not worth the retail price even if you're a die hard Star Wars fan, at £30/$40 I'd probably be pleased with the package I got, but it's severely overpriced. Take this quick review as a warning if nothing else, if you're unsure about buying Battlefront straight away, give it a month or two or wait for second hand copies to hit shelves and get the game at a cheaper price.

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