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In a World where you can fly Tie fighters and push people around with thin are may sound awesome,but will this game deliver to its fan base? Here is my all around review of Star Wars: Battlefront!

Character Customization

Character Customization is probably one of the first things that you are gonna do when it comes to any game, but wait you have to unlock a good portion of these skins over time as of any game, but the amazement comes over the shear amount of customization this game had to offer. I was honestly expecting maybe 30 for each side and was surprised to see 154 total possible outfits for you to wear and there are probably more to come in the next few DLC's. Sure you have to unlock them, but that's most games any ways. You choose from mostly human designs, but as you get up there you will see some sweet Rodians and Twi'lek Races you can choose from. My only issue is there is no way to truly design your own hero. You can not change hair or eye color or any of that kind of stuff. Over all this gets a Solid 8/10


The most important thing you will need in a war are some weapons. Lets start off with what this game has to offer. Star Wars: Battlefront Has a shabby 11 main weapons to choose from not including star cards. I honestly expected much more out of the weapons and you only have 11 to choose from and half of the being Fast firing fully automatic rifles. Considering there are only 2 weapons that are truly single shot semi-auto weapons its kind of sad. They only have one true marksman rifle which they have two versions that are almost exactly the same and should not even be considered different weapons and that is the T-21 and T-21B. Let me just say that just because you slap on a sight on the weapon does not make it different and a marksman weapon of any type should already have one. I will at least say many of the weapons are well balanced and have a great design that many will come to love.I will honestly give this part a 6/10 for decent balancing and art, but not enough selection considering there are basically 10 weapons.

Star cards and Trait cards

A extremely important part of your character are star cards. These cards offer many power-ups and weapons to choose from. They offer 11 more weapons and 13 power-up and trait cards. This being said makes up a little for other missing weapons. These offer great selections for taking down vehicles and surviving through the impossible and best of all a JUMP PACK! Thus said these cards are balanced for almost all situations but one and that would be ground-to-air forms of attack. Unfortunately there are almost no ways to take a aircraft from ground-to-air except by in game pick ups making it difficult unless you have a extremely amazing aim! With that being the only problem these bad boys deserve a 9/10

In Game pick-ups

In game pick-ups are available around every map. These bad boy will beef up your arsenal and air the only ways to attack effectively from ground-to-air. These offer refreshers to Orbital strikes that will shatter your opponent to small pieces and send them crying about there dreadful death. They even offer support droids to help you crush your enemy. They have basically anything for almost all situations giving them a 10/10

Heroes and Villains

It wouldn't be battlefront without any heroes! The classic Star Wars Battlefront 2 was well known for its all out brawl of heroes and villains with a little over 12 to choose from. Unfortunately you only have a total of 6 heroes for the whole game! This is shocking to me and only 2 have light sabers. Not to mention these heroes are not map specific so you may Luke very single game. I really expected at least 10 heroes to pick from. Over looking this most of these heroes have great play except for The Emperor who only electrocutes people of course. All these characters have some fun aspect of them and are very different and all play unique roles to the team. Thus being said it deserves a 8/10


This is what makes every game... The Maps. This is a very important aspect of all multiplayer games. Many game s offer around 8 maps like the Battlefield series which offers around that number. Probably the worst thing is Battlefront only offers 4 maps! 4 that is honestly poor and considering that they have a DLC coming out less than a month from release it really looks suspicious. Honestly if you play the same 4 maps again and again it gets old and is a repeating record. This is something I hope wont cost me 60 dollars more Like destiny to buy maps! I will give them credit for the amazing graphics that are offered. I will say that they are some of the best and if you tell your grandparents its just a game they may pass out and maybe you will too, but still only 3 maps so 6/10

How It Plays out.

So out of all these aspects the game actually plays out quite nicely and hero Distribution is random which is honestly a very fair way to do things and that also go's for the in game power-ups. There may not be many hero but you do have a decent arsenal to choose form and the maps will stun you and there are many different modes likes 1 vs All survival and heroes vs villains which are great and if you want practice flying a Tie-fighter they have that too. Overall the game does need some improvements, but it still a great game. Giving it a over all score of 7.8/10 Not bad EA.


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