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Here is the third of 5 reviews from this series - The Avengers. I wasn't all that thrilled with Thor or Hulk so far.

The Review:

Of the five, this is probably the second best one of the series in my opinion. But it's still far from perfect.

The paint job is splotchy. Undefined lines all over and I know it's not just my Pop. There is quite a bit of detail, but a lot of it is lost because they are too hard to see. The shirt and pants have definition lines, but aren't colored and are thus almost invisible.

The star on the chest is 3D and accurate, but the star on the shield is also 3D, which I'm almost certain is not accurate.

But none of those are huge issues. The biggest issue I have with this (and I admit that it probably isn't an issue for most people) is that his head looks and feel too wide. He reminds me of Hey Arnold - his head is almost football shaped. I feel like his head should be slightly slimmer. And I know I'm not crazy, because it throws off his balance, and that rarely happens for Pops with standard body shapes.

The colors also seem a bit muted. I feel like they should be a little brighter.

Also, did I mention it's a bobble-head? Yuck.

Rating: 5/10

Pros: Mostly accurate costume. Shield is pretty cool.

Cons: Bobble-head, yuck. Muted colors. Sloppy paint job. Undefined accent lines. "Move it, football head!"

Estimated Value: $35.00 (According to the Pop Price Guide)


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