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Ever since the release of "The Raid 2", Many critics & audiences alike have praised the film even hailing it as "one of the greatest action films" with it's dark story & intense action sequences. Since then many fans have been heavily wondering what to expect in the new sequel given the cliffhanger at the end of "The Raid 2". Here is a list of the top 5 things to expect in the third installment of "The Raid" trilogy;

Ryuichi executing one of Reza's men in "The Raid 2"
Ryuichi executing one of Reza's men in "The Raid 2"

5. The Film Will Take Place 2 Hours Before The End Of "The Raid 2"

When asked about the plot of the "The Raid 3" Gareth Evans stated "The idea is that part two started one or two hours after The Raid finished so it’s a continuation of the story. The Raid 3 will start one of two hours before The Raid 2 finishes, so we go back in time a little bit and branch off. So it’ll be something different but interesting." Based on Gareth's answer it seems "The Raid 3" will somewhat also serve as a prequel to "The Raid 2". This will be an interesting take as it could reveal events that took place during the previous film that can expand in the new sequel while also opening many doors for new characters & plot twists.

The Goto Family in "The Raid 2"
The Goto Family in "The Raid 2"

4.) The Goto Family Will Have a Bigger Role

One of the cons that comes to mind in "The Raid 2" was the small amount of screen time of The Goto Family. Many audiences were to expecting to see The Japanese crime family led by Hideaki Goto more engaged to the film's plot as they were aligned with The Indonesian crime family led by Bangun only to have the alliance tarnished for a minor duration due Uco & Bejo's plot to destroy both families. There is more to be explored within The Gotos especially considering as the film ended with The Gotos approaching Rama in an inaudible scene that ends in a cliffhanger. High chances are Rama decides to align himself with the Gotos having not revealed his true identity & serve as their assassin eliminating all of Reza's corrupt men & higher powers or manages to escape and forms a team comprised of Bunawar's task force to go after both The Gotos & what's left of the corrupt police officers.

3.) Politician/Politician's Son Will Be The Main Villains

In "The Raid 2" Bunawar explains to Rama that the only way to grab Uco's attention is to attack the son of the corrupt politician who was responsible for putting Uco behind bars as well as being a major benefactor to Bejo. Although the scene was never shown as it was deleted you can take the time to view the scene above. Seeing as The Politician was never seen in the film it's a high possibility he will appear in the new sequel similar to how Reza was only mentioned in "The Raid: Redemption" but later appeared in "The Raid 2". If the politician and his son will serve as the sequel's villains expect a plot involving them kidnapping Rama's wife Isa & his son Angga which will serve as Rama next major conflict in the new sequel.

2.) Tony Jaa or Scott Adkins Will Cameo

Ever since the announcement of "The Raid 3", Two martial artists have been mentioned the most in regards to making an appearance in the next installment are Tony Jaa & Scott Adkins. Out of the two mentioned Scott Adkins is the only one that has actually expressed serious interest in wanting to be part of the the third film even going as far as to tweeting Gareth Evans to put him in the new sequel. Although Iko's character has had badass opponents in the previous two films, it's time to see Iko take on other well known martial artists such as these two. If Scott Adkins were to be cast in "The Raid 3", the likely two outcomes I see happening is him being cast as a professional assassin hired by either the politician or the Gotos to kill Rama or as an Interpol agent that aids Rama in taking down the politician or the Gotos. As for Tony Jaa, the two outcomes I see happening is he could also be hired as a professional assassin hired to kill Rama or as an enforcer for the politician. It would be a delight for martial arts fans if both were to be cast in the new sequel as the fight scenes could potentially top the previous two.

"No, I'm Done"
"No, I'm Done"

1.) It Will Be The Conclusion Of A Trilogy & Is Bound For A 2018/2019 Release

Gareth Evans himself stated that he had planned "The Raid" as a trilogy with the third film being the conclusion to the story. Seeing as fans were excited to see if Gareth Evans would release "The Raid 3" as quickly as "The Raid 2", Gareth himself confirmed that "The Raid 3" will be set for a 2018/2019 release as he said he would take a break from martial arts films as he is currently working on an American gangster film titled "Blister" as well as an untitled British heist film. Although the wait is going to be longer this is a good move as not only is Evans expanding his talent in the U.S. but this would also give him a lot of time to prep story ideas for the third & final film in "The Raid" trilogy. One thing is for sure since the previous two films have been fantastic, expect "The Raid 3" to be a film of epic proportions as well as the epic conclusion in "The Raid" trilogy.

Well that's my list of the top 5 things to expect in "The Raid 3". So what did you guys think? Do you agree with the list? Was there anything you felt should have been on the list? Let me know in the comments section below.


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