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[The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866) is currently receiving high praise from fans for its painstaking accuracy to the novel. However, directors, actors, and writers alike always like to leave their own flare on the stories they produce, and the final installment of the Hunger Games series is no exception.

Actress Elizabeth Banks and actor Woody Harrelson filmed a scene for the new movie that may catch quite a few by surprise. Their morally gray characters, Effie Trinket and Haymitch Abernathy, have a rather intimate moment where their lips lock near the conclusion of the film. What can we conclude from such a scene? After much deliberation, I can only come to two possible conclusions..

1. Haymitch Abernathy is Drunk

In Catching Fire, Haymitch Abernathy was forced by Katniss and Peeta to sober up in case he was actually drawn for the Quarter Quell games. However, Haymitch never really relinquished his role as a mentor to Katniss. Even after all the things Katniss did at the end of Mockingjay, Haymitch was the one to deliver her safely away from facing life imprisonment for treason.

Did Haymitch cave back into alcoholism under the pressures of feeling obligated to get Katniss back home safely? Perhaps he did. Even so, this theory does not explain Effie's nostalgic smile back to him as he departs after the kiss. This leads us to believe more in the second theory.

2. There is a Romantic Relationship Between Them

No two souls have verbally battled it out more on screen in the Hunger Games series than Effie and Haymitch, their relationship almost a mimicry of the dueling duo Ron and Hermione of the Harry Potter series. The two represented a rather extreme dichotomy in the first installment, with Effie being the highest of the upper-class and freaking out when Katniss stabbed a mahogany table, while Haymitch epitomized low class with his drunken, numb mannerisms.

Did these two, former enemies manage to find a romance backstage from the events of the book while Katniss was absorbed in the world of a national rebellion? Sound off in the comments below with your opinion!

Check out the trailer below, and catch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 in theaters now!


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