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In 2003, Pixar touched the hearts of millions with their animated film, [Finding Nemo (2003)](tag:757412), a story of how a male clownfish, Marlin, loses his son, Nemo, and teams up with a forgetful regal tang named Dory to find him. Well, guess what, Pixar fans?!

They lied to you. No, seriously. Tell your kids that they've been lied to.

No one's gonna believe me on this. But I, a kinda pro comedian and Pixar lover, will now unravel the truth; the truth that shows that Nemo is actually supposed to be a girl.

At the beginning of the film, Marlin and his wife, Coral have over 400 baby clownfish about to be born. Then, a shark arrives and eats Coral and almost all of their children. Marlin survives and when he looks in his anemone, he sees that Coral and all his children were gone. Except for one.


Well, it turns out that according to clownfish science, either Nemo or Marlin has to be a girl. I'll elaborate. Clownfish are hermaphrodites, which helps keeps the species going by keeping the number of adult females and males fairly equal. All young clownfish become male, and after they pair off, the dominant male becomes a female.

This means that if Coral was killed, then Nemo would have to, uh...mate with Marlin and Marlin would become female. And if Marlin dies, Nemo might become a girl once he starts, another male.


You lied to us. You lied to the children of our generation while you sat back and got the money rolling in. Almost all of the children who watched that movie have no idea that Nemo and Marlin have to...

This is one of those things that are best glossed over.

Hopefully, they make some sort of reference to this when Finding Dory is released next year.


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