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Superman, is considered by many, to be not only the definitive hero of the DC Universe but the strongest out of all the other heroes. But there is a big debate among fans that there are other heroes in the DC world that are equal to Superman's strength or even greater. Who are those heroes you may ask? You came to the right place...

5) Supergirl.

This might come to a shocker to some people, but Supergirl is considered by some characters in the DC Universe to be stronger than her cousin, Kal-El. Heck, even Batman told Superman this might be the case and when Batman tells you something, you believe him. But of course fans usually point out that Supergirl only appears to be stronger as she uses her powers more recklessly to the fullest than Superman, who usually most of the time holds back. It can be argued whether or not Supergirl is actually stronger than Superman, but what can't be argued is that she can dangerously give him a run for his money.

4) Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is a fan-favorite among many and is given more times than not the underrated card. Martian Manhunter is an absolute beast and even gives beings like Superman chills down their spine. Superman was even quoted saying that he scared to face Martian Manhunter and credited him as "the powerful dangerous being on the face the planet". And it easy to see why really, Martian Manhunter has basically all of Superman's skillset and more. He has a wide variety of powers like telepathy, shapeshifting and can match Superman on the physical strength game as well. You could also say that there is no limit to how strong Manhunter can get as he can control his molecular level and not only increase his size but his strength as well. At the end of the day, Manhunter is definitely one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe and can go pound for pound with a being like Superman and can not only hold his ground but possibly beat him. You can even make the compelling argument that Manhunter is superior to the Man of Steel in many more ways than one.

3) Captain Atom.

Captain Atom is another underrated hero in DC canon as he has a vast array of powers that could be considered "god-like". He has superhuman strength, flight and speed, and also has the ability to manipulate any type of nuclear energy. Fans point out that Captain Atom has a very good chance of beating Supes as he could generate red-sun radiation, a well known weakness to Superman. His physical strength also plays a big factor too as well as it nearly on par with Superman's. Actually, in the New 52 Captain Atom physical strength could actually surpass Superman's physical strength, as there no guarantee limit of how strong he could become. I think it's safe to say the former Air Force pilot deserves a spot on this highly controversial list.

2) Shazam.

The Shazam vs. Superman debate has waged among the superhero genre for manyyears now as their famous battles varying from comics such as Kingdom Come, Superman/Batman Public Enemies , or even the Justice League cartoon that usually stirs up a great debate of who is stronger than the other. Shazam and Superman are almost equally matched in terms of power level, but where fans give the edge to Shazam is that he has magic on his side, a famous weakness that Superman generally has. I mean Shazam has even knocked out the Man of Steel in the comics before but then you could easily counter that point with Superman having more victories out of the the two. A video I saw online made the fact that it truly up to the writer to decide if Shazam is truly stronger than Superman as it tough to give a edge to either character. The debate will continue to rage on for years to come with both sides of the respective characters making their points of who is truly superior than the other. Nevertheless, Shazam fans will forever argue that he is truly Superman's equal, maybe even greater...



1) Swamp Thing.

Shocker right? Yes, Swamp Thing is generally considered by MANY(had to make a point of emphasis there) to be more powerful than The Last Son Of Krypton. Wanna know why? Well most point out that Swamp Thing is greater in feats compared to Superman and is essentially and elemental being that doesn't need a physical form to survive. He basically can control all of Earth as plants are basically everywhere, he can control all of the elements like water, wind, fire, and wind, tune his consciousness into anything he can manipulate, is immortal, unlimited strength, and has magic on his side called The Green. And that not even half of Swamp Thing's powers in all honesty. Oh and let's not forget to mention that Swamp Thing saved Superman once from burning all his powers out. Swamp Thing is an absolute force to reckon with in the DC Universe and could take on the likes of many powerful beings and has a high chance of beating them into submission. It safe to say ladies and gentleman that Swamp Thing is undoubtedly a stronger superhero than Superman.

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