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As I have said before in my other three articles exploring this topic, the new series in the Arrowverse will need new and different members. Members we have seen before, and members that have yet to be introduced. Here is my part four, continuing the list, with seven new members to be in Legends of Tomorrow.

21. Cyborg

When a Teen Titans show was announced on TNT, and the roster was announced, Cyborg was not on it. Most people wanted to see him on the small screen on Titans/Blackbirds, but their wish didn't come true. But this character can still be used, and the best place would be Legends of Tomorrow. He would fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the show, and DC would get a way of showing Cyborg off before his own movie in 2020.

22. Tempest

A couple weeks ago, on The Flash, there was a subtle nod to Aquaman, confirming that Atlantis exists, and Aquaman himself exists at least on Earth-2, and Jay Garrick knows him. Since even Caitlyn Snow knows about Atlantis, this could be the doorway to introduce Aquaman himself into the universe, or even his own son, Tempest. Tempest would be a better fit on this show, as he is not going to be used in the DC Extended Universe, that we know of. Tempest is a very interesting character that I don't know much about myself. He would fit on the show, and would be a great new addition.

23. Spectre

On the Constantine TV series that aired on NBC, Jim Corrigan was introduced, and by the end of that series, his origin was just starting to be shown. Zed, one of the main characters on Constantine, started having visions of Jim Corrigan's death, and this was the beginning of the Spectre. Since Constantine himself appeared on Arrow, making that show canon within the Arrowverse, the character known as the Spectre should be used again, and Legends of Tomorrow would be the place for him. Emmett Scanlan could return, if he was willing to, to play the character once more, and hopefully become a main cast member. The character has a very different story, and Legends would be the best place to show it.

24. Shazam/Captain Marvel

Now I know what many of you are thinking, "Shazam! He would never work!" But I am here to tell you, he would work perfectly. I know that the character is set to get his own movie in 2019, starring Dwanye Johnson as Black Adam, but Captain Marvel could easily have ties to Legends of Tomorrow's villain, Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage is described as "A 6,000-year old immortal." And the wizard Shazam, who gave Bill Batson his powers to become Shazam/Captain Marvel, is over 3,000-years-old. Now I know this is slim, but what if Hawkman and Hawkgirl, since they have reincarnated over the years, knew Shazam, and the wizard helped to temporarily defeat Vandal Savage. In the future, Hawkman and the Legends could find Shazam, now an old man, and try to get help, but Shazam points to the young Billy Batson.

25. Spoiler

Stephanie Brown was once Robin, then Batgirl, then Spoiler. Spoiler was taught by Bruce "Batman" Wayne. Spoiler is not being used anywhere, and has only made one appearance, and that was in animated form on Young Justice: Invasion. But she is a great character that needs to be used more, and this show would work for her. She could be constantly making references to her old mentor, Batman, making him exist in the present day of the Arrowverse.

26. Guardian

In an episode of The Flash season 1, Mal Duncan's name is said by Barry Allen, seemingly confirming that he exists. Maybe during season 2 of The Flash, Mal Duncan became the Guardian. His origin would already be explained, and he could become apart of Legends. I do not know much about Guardian, but I am sure that John Diggle is not Guardian on Arrow, I believe that Diggle will become Spartan, making the Guardian a completely different character.

27. The Flash (Jay Garrick)

The last time we saw Jay Garrick, he was stuck on Earth-1 (the normal Earth), and stopped working with the Flash and his team. What if Jay comes back, and regains his speed, but is unable to return to his home on Earth-2? Then he would have to stay, and he would want to be a hero like he was before, so he joins the Legends of Tomorrow as The Flash. It is possible that he will never return to his home, although it is unlikely.

So, do you like any of my ideas? Do you disagree or agree with any of my members? Please, let me know! Legends of Tomorrow begins January.


Who do you want to see in Legends of Tomorrow?


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