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'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' is out this Friday! Tickets are being bought, costumes are being made, and curious fans are getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt (As in, references to upcoming DC projects rather than chocolate).

But one thing has stuck out to me, and other people who pause frame-by-frame when a new trailer comes out, is the seemingly post-apocalyptic world Batman stumbles into when exiting what appears to be a fallout shelter.

Then we see that something very wrong has happened to Metropolis.

What happened? Why was Batman in that shelter to begin with? What are those ships in the background? Why is there an Omega symbol imprinted into the ground? These are all questions that hopefully will be answered when the movie hits theaters. I've tried to answer them myself and after doing some research I came to the conclusion that some of the elements from the comic book series/video game 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' will be used in 'Batman V Superman'.

Superman rules the world

In the video game and comics, the Joker lays a trap for Superman, having him inhale fear gas and fly Doomsday up into space. However, Doomsday is actually Lois.

To make things worse Joker had a detonator connected to Lois' heartbeat, so if Lois dies, Metropolis would be blown up by a small nuclear bomb. After the death of his wife and unborn child, and the destruction of his home city Superman is full of rage.

He kills the Joker by putting his hand through his chest.

He then starts to police the entire world, leading to the creation of an army called The Regime.

The Regime as in the video game
The Regime as in the video game

Now as seen in the trailer, it seems Warner Bros. has done something similar in the movie.

The Regime(?) in the movie
The Regime(?) in the movie

The only difference between the two are the style of patches on their shoulders, other than that they look the same. The helmets, the masks, the goggles, even the guns look similar! And judging by how they're treating Batman, it's safe to say that Batman is an outlaw in this world.

However, you have to ask, where did THESE flying things come from?

Despite the similarities, I'm pretty sure things will be a lot different in the movie.

How the story will be integrated

The destruction seen in the trailer could be from a nuclear bomb, but the spaceships in the background and the pillars of smoke and fire suggest something bigger happened. Given what we've seen in the comic and the trailer, it's possible that aliens attack Earth because of something Batman did, forcing Superman to install The Regime to hunt him down while fighting off the aliens. While the manhunt has been going on, Batman has been in hiding until he is eventually caught and brought to Superman to answer for what has been done.

There is a theory going around that this is all a hallucination and that the Scarecrow is behind it. While it does sound solid, I don't think it's possible that fear gas could cause Batman to dream up an entire fallout scenario. Regardless, we'll see what happens this Friday.

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' hits theaters March 25!


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