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Here we are, after just a few short months into the third installment of "The Homeless G-men" by A. Shay Hahn, who does both the writing and the art of his comics. Shay is a master storyteller who finds ways to mix both action and humor into his books in equal installments to keep the readers quite entertained. The Homeless G-Men is a team of heroes who are trying to do the right thing to clear their own name, but many of the outside world finds problems in what they are doing. Sure, we have a mixture of oddball characters in the book(from a giant robot goat to a bunch of evil killer clowns), but the book still finds a way to mix in a lot of heart.

The newest installment is very different from past issues, as the story changes from the present to the past in a fluid capacity(something that many comics have a difficult time doing). After two issues of slapstick action, it became time to show us what makes some of the characters tick. In this issue, it was time to give a slight past story of Hale, who is also the leader of this ragtag group of heroes. We learn before the flashback even starts that this adventure in the past would end in a form of tragedy, but, we are left wondering who would be the victim of the story. This mystery continues to the final 2 pages of the book. But, in addition to the past, we continue the fight in the present, as many of the stories of the last two issues slowly come together into a double set-up. It needs to be commended greatly regarding the art that Shay pours on in this issue. Not only is the gatefold cover beautifully rendered, but the number of characters that gets drawn on almost all of his pages is breathtaking. Yes, some characters do look the same(as in almost any comic), but the visuals helps us to still see a difference in them. By the end of this story, we have a ending of a sort but also a new beginning, as we await what will happen to our cast of characters. Shay drops alot of the humor that was present in the first two issues to give is a real concrete emotional story that helps to show us just how great his writing can truly be. If you're a fan of any team superhero book, I recommend giving this book a try. If you're just in the mood for an independent book, I also recommend you try this(and any other book Shay writes) a try. I give this issue a 9 out of 10, and I can't wait to see what next issue has in store. get it out quickly.


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