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It's the end of the world, it's the end of summer, and it's the end of Gravity Falls. On November 20, Gravity Falls creator and executive producer Alex Hirsch announced that Gravity Falls' Season 2 will be the last season of the mystery & fantasy cartoon.

Alas, all good things must come to an end- even if it hurts so bad, it's all for the best. Alex Hirsch posted on Tumblr his word on the show's ending.

The first thing to know is that the show isn’t being cancelled- it’s being finished...I always designed Gravity Falls to be a finite series about one epic summer- a series with a beginning, middle, and end. - Alex Hirsch

Hirsch didn't mean the series to go on forever- the series was meant for reliving the experience of summer as kids: going on adventures, explorations, and many more. Gravity Falls presents the fun memories of childhood; and the thing about childhood is, it ends after some time.

The fact that childhood ends is exactly what makes it so precious- and why you should cherish it while it lasts. - Alex Hirsch

Gravity Falls has been running since 2012. And although the show is mainly targeted at kids, it can't be denied that a lot of teenagers and adults share their love for the show.

source: Tumblr.
source: Tumblr.

Gravity Falls has channeled the inner detective in its audiences. The Gravity Falls fandom served as an inspiration for the Gravity Falls team; having fan theories and queries circulating on the internet made the show even more interesting. As far as the Gravity Falls fans are concerned, all these questions and speculations on the show will be answered in its last episodes. The only question left for the fans to worry about is: what happens to us after the show ends?

No one knows, Grenda. No one knows.
No one knows, Grenda. No one knows.

Hirsch also expressed his gratitude to everyone: the crew behind Gravity Falls, the fans, and everyone who has supported the show.

I want to thank Disney, my amazing cast and crew, and most of all our fans for taking this unforgettable road trip with me through the redwoods into a place called Gravity Falls. I look forward to seeing what adventure we go on next. - Alex Hirsch

And before anyone would go cray cray on this news, Hirsch provided answers to (most probable) FAQs on his post. Read it. You'll need it.


Gravity Falls has only two episodes left, Weirdmageddon: Escape from Reality and Weirdmageddon III. Weirdmageddon: Escape from Reality will premiere on Disney XD on November 23 at 8PM. Weirdmageddon III is yet to be announced and is surely something that Gravity Falls fans are looking forward to.


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