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I just came to drink beer and type reviews, and I'm still drinking.

We're all familiar with Marvel's entrance on to the small screen by now, most of us a at least. But what we're not familiar with is the territory that Netflix is ready to embark on with the release of Jessica Jones. Now sure we've had a little taste with Daredevil, and I'm sure there are hints and teases to her arrival within The Devil Of Hell's Kitchen's little Marvelverse. But is Jessica Jones something that we're all really ready for?

Are we really ready for all of this purple?
Are we really ready for all of this purple?

Little is known about the actual plot of the show and much is left to the imagination as to the motivation behind the purple man. Now there's nothing to say that JJ won't stray from the comics seeing as this is a Marvel product, and they tend to stay as tight knit to the comics as possible. Now I'm going to be a little personal with this because comics and "geek culture" have a large place in my family's heart.

I'm not sure this generation of comic fans is entirely ready to lower the volume on their TVs or wait until mom and dad are sleeping to watch Netflix. Just hear me out on this one.

Here's a few reasons why I think JJ should be of adult eyes only.

  • Sex
    Yes, this is Netflix. But it's also a comic property. Kids will be watching. As a parent now, this is something I feel I have to stress.
  • Emotional/ Mental Manipulation
    We've seen preview scenes of JJ's breakdowns. She straight up cracks. We haven't seen anything like this in recent history, at least nothing this personal.
  • Alcohol Abuse
    JJ is borderline alcoholic. And though her comic counterpart is the equivalent of a walking tap. We've never been faced with a anti-heroine with emotional problems, sipping at whiskey like it's her part time - part time job. She's falling apart at the seams from the inside.
She has super strength, and I just dropped my knife
She has super strength, and I just dropped my knife

There's a few more issues than that but those are the most important. Now I'll be watching this show from start to finish. Just as I'm sure millions of other people will be too. My wife and I binge watched Daredevil until we were staring at our TV scratching our arms like addicts for more DD. But we still have a good while to wait. And all the while we totally lost interest in Marvel's Agents of Shield.

Jessica Jones ( including all of the fan taken pictures used in the show ) is shaping up to be a phenomenal show with amazing actors. But I know Marvel is doing their best to get its characters closer and closer to their comic counter parts. And that's why I worry.

I grew up during some pretty crazy times in comics. Heroes murdering heroes. Villains turning in villains. And I have nothing to argue when print stays true to print. My only issue is this adult oriented content is ever so slowly merging into mainstream media and steadily becoming something that needs to be addressed. I applaud all of the effort it took to create such a detail oriented universe out of nothing. I am ecstatic to see all of my lesser known favorite heroes and heroins finding their way on to my TV. But I'm nervous for the future of media and for the future degradation of an already shaky balance that is the television rating system.

We have a long way to go a society, that goes without saying. And series like Hulu and Netflix are giving us ( almost ) unrestricted access to all of our favorites, but at what price? We're spending far too much time tuning in to our shows and less time tuned into reality. And I think Marvel's Jessica Jones might be the way for us all to notice that.


Will you pace yourself with Jessica Jones?


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