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With Wonder Woman soon to begin production in Europe, we should be expecting on going barrage of on set photos. Well, it seems as though we may get some visual candy early. We now have out first look at Gal Gadot in what appears to be her garments for production.

Via Gal Gadot's Facebook page, this image has been posted.

It took 75 long years, but production begins.

Getting a bit of Star Wars vibe, no?
Getting a bit of Star Wars vibe, no?

Now of course this is just the first of many snapshots that are probably going to come out. There is not much to take away from this photo. If you look to the right shoulder you can clearly see Big Ben in the background. Perhaps it hints at the World War that will supposedly take place during the film? But all in all, a good start to the production of Wonder Woman.


What do you think about this first look?


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