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I have a huge obsession with Batman. I will not stop untilI own everything Batman related. My collection grows everyday, feeding both my phy

First off, I would like to say that I am extremely geeked about the direction that The Flash and Arrow tv series' are going. Huge credit has to go to the minds behind these amazing shows. Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns have done an exceptional job bringing to life our childhood fantasies. I cannot express how much I love the writing and production values of these shows.


Let's get back to the roots; the show that started it all. I have to admit that when this show first aired, I wasn't all that into it. I really had no interest in watching it at the time, mostly due to the fact that I'm partial to Batman and never really thought of Green Arrow as a primary DC hero. Last year, when I had finally purchased subscriptions to Hulu, I noticed The Flash tv series was one of the choices. At that point in time, I had fallen into a show-hole where I had just finished binge watching all 8 seasons of Psych on Netflix and was lost searching for the next show to get into. I started watching Flash and instantly fell in love. After getting halfway through the first season, I realized that in order to fully enjoy and keep up with the show, I had to watch Arrow. So back to Netflix I went to binge watch the first two seasons. For not being as fast-paced as The Flash(no pun intended) it had its own merits. I had trouble following it in the beginning because of how droll and slightly boring the first couple seasons were. Needless to say my apprehensions went away when i started to see the direction the writers were going with adding a crap ton of new(but familiar)faces and heroes. Then the first crossover happened, and I was in love. The FOURTH and most recent season is what I'm most geeked about. Especially calling on a certain, "master of the dark arts". YES!! John Constantine, everybody. Love, love, love Matt Ryan's portrayal of this infamous demon-hunter. Arrow's attempt at throwing Constantine into its universe was a masterpiece of an idea in and of itself. Suffice it to say, I really hope we see more of this, 'petty dabbler', in the future.

The Flash

I love you Barry Allen!!!!!! Ok, now that I got that out of my system, let's get on with it. There are many, many, many things I can say about this series, but I am gonna try and stick to just a few. Starting with the writing! Oh. My. Gosh, Becky. Look at that script! First season, absolutely entranced me. Every single minute of every single episode, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next! The plots, the subplots, the subplots withing the subplots within the plots with the often out of left field plot twists. All of it. Absolutely brilliant. Now, I am writing this after just watching season 2, episode 7, 'Gorilla Warfare'. No spoilers here, folks! I just am in awe of this episode and the parallels between this episode and season 1. I'm reading that a lot of people feel that season 2, episode 6, 'Enter Zoom', was the better of the past two weeks. Although its extremely hard to follow such an amazing episode like Enter Zoom, I feel like Gorilla Warfare was right up there. It not only was very thought-provoking as to the new and confusing things going on, but it continues to open up and tease us with more easter eggs and hints as to what may or may not be coming. One of those things being the addition of another superhero slot being filled on the 'Legends', or the 'New Young/Teen Titans/Justice League of America' team; Or whatever you want to call it. I am super pumped for more Flash, more Arrow, alot more Constantine. There's really no backing out now. They HAVE to add him in more. DC's Legends of Tomorrow, you cannot come soon enough! My body is ready for you!

Rip Hunter

Have to add this in real quick. Being the die hard Whovian that I am, I cannot forget about Rory. The beloved and very talented actor, Arthur Darvill, playing a freaking time-traveler!!! I mean, come on, he's gonna be awesome! He's worked with one for two years! Maybe later they'll throw in Matt Smith in a small cameo in Legends, I don't know. Either way, I'm super geeked!

Well thanks for joining me on my long rant. This is my first ever blog! So I hope you enjoyed reading through this. Excited to know if I inspire anyone else to write or join the discussion with me!


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