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Said Taghmaoui quickly found out how serious Warner Bros is about keeping the details of their movies a secret. For those that don't know Said Taghmaoui is apparently going to be in the standalone Wonder Woman movie along side stars, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Wonder Woman's love interest Chris Pine. We know this because Said posted pictures from the set.

Doctor Fate and Grandpa Steve Trevor?

Said could not help himself

Heck if I was Said I would have posted these pictures too. How geeked out must he have been to have the reality set in that he was about to become a part of Comic Book Movie history by being apart of a solo standalone Wonder Woman movie. While Warner Bros likely understood him geeking out apparently they did not give Said permission to post these pictures because the pictures were taken down as quickly as they were posted by Said. It's understandable that Warner Bros would want to protect their movie by keeping too much from getting out about the potential plot; not only for the Wonder Woman movie but also for the other DC Extended Universe movies that Wonder Woman ties into.

Dawn of Justice

Wonder Woman rumored to be a BvS prequel
Wonder Woman rumored to be a BvS prequel

And these pictures did initiate immediate speculation that Warner Bros may not be happy about. The more popular speculation is Steve Trevor will be from the World War I era. That rumor was followed up by the rumor of Chris Pine playing Great Grandpa Steve Trevor and a Steve Trevor III that looks just like Great Grampy. Fanboys are speculating that Said is Doctor Fate. No one can blame Warner Brothers for wanting to control what content is being released to world; it kinda allows them to control what is speculated on. So, Said getting his hand slap is not surprising at all. What would be surprising is if Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman herself, got her hand slapped for tweeting and posting this picture from the set.

First official picture from the Wonder Woman movie

A mysterious Diana Princess
A mysterious Diana Princess

Gal very likely asked Warner Bros several times before posting this picture on Facebook; learning from Said's mistake. This would make this the first official picture for the standalone Wonder Woman movie. Gal Gadot looks amazing as the Amazonian Princess. We get a very good detailed look at Wonder Woman's bracelet's of submissions. Of course we saw the power of these bracelets in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer.

Wonder Woman's Bracelets of Submission

The picture is beautiful and raises a few questions. The hooded cloak that she is wearing gives the picture a mysterious feel to it; is she hiding from someone? Is the wrap around her hands for battle or are they a part of the disguise? And there may be something to be read into Big Ben just being just over Wonder Woman's shoulder. The Wonder Woman movie is being filmed in London; so, it could mean nothing. We also get a good look at the tiara. It's really hard to believe that we are finally going to get a Wonder Woman standalone movie. I think Gal summed it up best when she posted the following with the new picture.

Almost 75 years in the making… is underway.

Let's hope it is well worth the wait. But what do you think of the first official picture from the standalone Wonder Woman movie? Is there something to learn from this picture at all? Or is it just another beautiful picture of the Amazonian Princess? Please share your thoughts below.


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