ByJack Lucas, writer at

I will write every week.

Monday: Fancast Monday

Fancast Monday: I will do a fancast of a movie, TV Show or something i would like in the future.

Tuesday: Celebrity Tuesday

Celebrity Tuesday: I will write about a celebrity and say what i would like him/her to do, what the rumors say and what we can expect from him/her.

Wednesday: Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf: I will write every Wednesday about Teen Wolf, maybe just rumors, a fan thing, a story i would like, what happened in the previous episodes. Stuff like that.

Thursday: Movie Thursday

Movie Thursday: I will write about a movie that's coming out and put the trailer above and say what will happen and what i like about it and stuff like that.

Friday: Superhero Friday

Superhero Friday: I will write about what happened on Arrow, The Flash, etc or I fan cast a superhero movie/TV Show.

Saturday: Something else

Something else: I will do whatever i like to write.

Sunday: Rumor Sunday

Rumor Sunday: It will be all about the rumors, if i know if something is fake i will tell, if i know something is true i will tell. I might share my own theory and stuff.


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