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5. Cloud City from Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

The reason I did not make this entry about the Star Wars universe in general is because there are a great number of things there that you really would not want to encounter. Tattooine is nice and warm but you never know when you might run afoul of the Tusken Raiders. Worse still, what happens if you are captured by Jabba the Hutt? You don't want to go to Hoth, if the cold does not get to you first you could be thrown off your Tauntaun by a Wampa. The only civilised place in the galaxy far far away is Cloud City. The floating citadel towers over the clouds above Bespin. The sky appears to be perpetually sunset coloured, it is beautiful. As we saw from the events of Empire Strikes Back it is fairly luxurious inside too due to it being the domicile of the noble and wealthy.

4. Central City from The Flash

When you watch The Flash it is obvious that on top of being one of the best superhero TV shows at the moment, the location would be a pretty nice place to live. It is always beautifully bright and cheery in Central City. Everyone seems to be having a great time and for some unknown reason there is always some upbeat song playing. The one drawback is that there are gigantic hyper intelligent apes running around but at least there is an element of excitement.

3. The world of The Dark Crystal

One of the most visually arresting locations in all of fantasy is the world of The Dark Crystal. The puppetry and animatronics in this movie are unparalleled in quality. Most of you will understand why when I tell you that it is all done by the Jim Henson production company. Henson was actually one of the directors working on the film alongside Frank Oz. The creator of the muppets is arguably on of the most underrated figures in the film industry. His creations are incredible and he had a fantastic eye for cinematography. The magnificent work includes some fascinating and beautiful magical beings as well as mesmerising flora and fauna. Everyone needs to watch The Dark Crystal, I may even write a post specifically about it very soon.

2. Asgard from Thor

Both Thor movies were met by heavy criticism by fans and film critics alike. However, one thing Marvel Studios nailed with the Thor films was the home of Thunder God. You cannot help but stare in wonder at the gigantic structures and beautiful scenery. The iconic Rainbow Bridge from the comics is amazingly well realised. Asgard is an appropriate home for norse gods.

1. The Shire from The Lord of the Rings

It is a magical moment when you first see The Shire in Fellowship of the Ring. The music alone is enough to sell you on it but the visual is just as beautiful. I must say Lord of the Rings is probably my favourite franchise ever, it was Fellowship of the Ring that made me fall in love with cinema. The prologue narrated by Cate Blanchett really hooks you in but it was the first glimpse of The Shire that really cemented it for me. I wanted to exist in that perfect world. The movie got better and better from that point immersing the viewer in a land that is beautiful in parts and frightening in others.


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