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I know it happened a long time ago (episode 19 season 6 – "The Closet Reconfiguration") but I still think about it: what did Howard's father write him on the letter Sheldon found in his closet? Nobody knows. Well, nobody knows the truth. Bernie and Howard's friends decided to tell him different versions of what was on that letter. One of them was true but they didn't tell him which of sentences was the real one. Let's recap them:

6 – Raj "Happy birthday, Howard. I love you."

5 – Sheldon "It's a map to the treasure of One-Eyed Willie."

4 – Amy "Your father was in the auditorium on your high school graduation and he cried because he was so proud of his son."

3 – Penny "Your dad had a secret life that eventually caught up to him and the only way to keep his family safe was to leave."

2 – Leonard "Your father wanted you to know that family is the most important thing and not to throw it away like he did."

1 – Bernadette "Howard my son, my greatest gift." (a pic of Howard's dad and baby Howard was attached to the letter).

Well, they're all quite credible (even Sheldon's :) ) but I feel Bernadette's is the real one. That's something I could expect in that kind of envelope and, you know, it's also plausible they all decided to make his wife tell him the real one. And you? Any idea about that?

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