Bydoug denslowe, writer at is paused on episode 8 of the 2 day old series Jessica Jones.First off,great article. I have been a fan of both Daredevil and the Purple Man since issue 4.I had no idea he had made over 100 appearances. I also didn't know his connection to Jessica Jones. I admit to not having read comics since around 2000,the prices got too high when you collect all the titles,which I did.Yes,all my friends joke that I was the only guy who's room had bookcases filled with comics.Now that Daredevil has been a smash hit,due to its mature take and outstanding storylines,I hope that Jessica Jones follows in it's footsteps. I have attempted to beige watch this series without success,I keep nodding off. I will have to watch,yet again,all the first 8 episodes,since I remember just a little of each episode. I was thinking that they,Netflix/Marvel bit off more than they could chew,making four series at once.After seeing Daredevil, I thought maybe they'll get it right this time.Jessica Jones has a big challenge getting viewers,she's not a well known character and not a superhero as we define them. I see I'm running out of space,so I'll close.

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