ByJason Brink, writer at
I am one of the people that never read the comics. I don't care if the movies follow the comics because I take them for what they are. Enter

I finally took an opportunity to watch this movie. I really don't understand what everyone hated about this movie. I don't expect the movies to follow the comics and have enjoyed a lot of movies that get trashed on the intrawebs. This movie was entertaining and it still seemed to follow the story line of the characters for the most part. Now that said, here is my one problem. There was a lot of build up for very little conclusion. I understand this was a reboot and they had to cover a lot of information that we should all know going in, but I found the lack of fighting a little bland. We should all basically know the story now.

With all of that said, I still don't regret the 2 hours I spent watching it and I really enjoyed the way they portrayed Reed and Ben's friendship this time. We all need to focus on the fact that the movie is not our vision and the director didn't ask us to help for a reason.

Not the best movie in the world but I didn't have to pay to see it. I would suggest everyone give it a shot with the mentality that just because it wasn't the way you wanted it to be, doesn't mean its all bad.


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