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Josh Duncan

Hello and welcome to the first edition Civil War Talk where I, IronFan will talk about theories I have seen published on the MoviePilot site and some others about Captain America: Civil War.

theory 1. Caps' new suit, speculation over Captain Americas' new suit stirred up rumours about T'challa AKA Black Panther. His suit seemed to display feathering in promo pics for the movie and it's merchandise, which could say that he required a new suit because of the powerful people on Iron Mans' team. This armour could have the fictional metal Vibranium which is what makes up Captain Americas vibration absorbent shield, the problem being Black Panther, who is the king of the country Wokanda whom are the only exporters of Vibranium. Black Panther is on team Iron Man, this would suggest T'challa switching sides. I give this theory a 5/10 chance because the Winter Soldier on caps' team is said to have killed T'challas' father.

Thanks for reading theory 1.


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