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(Warning - the following article is pretty much entirely made up of GIANT, HULKING SPOILERS for Marvel's Jessica Jones. If you haven't yet binge-watched the whole thing, then proceed with caution...)

Now, it's been a long time coming, but Netflix and Marvel's new superhero team-up, Jessica Jones, is finally online and streaming - and, thankfully, it's just as remarkable as we'd all hoped. What's more, it's now been out long enough to have actually been watched, and y'know what that means, right?

Yup, that's right. It took a little under thirteen hours, a whole lot of takeout, and more than a little Marvel fandom, but we can now actually, factually bring you...

10 of the Biggest Easter Eggs Hiding in Jessica Jones

From cameos to plot teases, sly references to straight up Hulk-related conversation, the following list contains ten of the finest slices of Marvel-related geekery a television show is ever likely to bring us.

(It's also, of course, essentially one giant pile of SPOILERS, so be warned...)

First up?

10. It Opens With a Classic Comic-Book Panel

That opening scene, the one featuring Jessica throwing a dude through her own office door?

Well, in classic Marvel fashion, that's pretty much taken word for word (if not quite shot for shot) from the very first Jessica Jones comic-book, Alias #1:

Now, the rest of the plot very much takes its own course - and wanders a fair way away from the original comic-book - but that's one heck of a comic-book-faithful way to start...

9. Luke Cage's Old Flame is Straight Out of the Comic-Books

That's right - we might not get to see a whole lot of Reva Connors (though expect that change come next year's Luke Cage), but she's straight out of the comic-books all the same, first appearing in Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 back in 1972.

Her death didn't have anything to do with a 'bus crash' in the comic-books, though, with Reva - who was engaged to Luke before he got his powers - being killed by mafiosi chasing after drugs planted in Cage's home...

8. Luke Cage's Catchphrase is Alive and Well

Yup, there's a reason Luke keeps saying Sweet Christmas in the show, and it has a whole lot more to do with it being his comic-book catchphrase than it does to any impending holiday seasons...

7. Patsy Walker Gets Super Meta

So, here's the thing. In the mainstream Marvel comic-book continuity, Patsy 'Trish in Jessica Jones' Walker was originally a light-hearted Archie-like character, who was later ret-conned into a superhero named Hellcat.

The thing is, though, the original, romance comic version of Patsy also exists inside the Marvel universe - as a strip that was written by her mother.

So those Patsy Walker comic-book we caught a glimpse of during Episode 3?

That's a comic-book based on a fictional television character, who was played by an actual television character, who was based on a comic-book character, who was herself the inspiration for a comic-book character...who was originally actually her.

And now my head hurts.

6. We Get to See Jessica's Original Comic-Book Costume

Yup, that's right. That's Jessica's original comic-book costume - and code-name, Jewel - in the Netflix flesh.

Of course, in the comic-books she barely used either of them - but even so...

...that's possibly the most authentically replicated superhero costume we've yet seen in the MCU. I mean, no-one wears it, but still...

5. No-one Seems to Want to Use the Avengers's Names

Let's just put it this way - kids may be running around dressed as Captain America, but we're still only hearing The Hulk and the Avengers get referred to as "the big green dude and his crew."

It seems Tony Stark and pals need to hire a new PR person...

4. There's Another Superhero Waiting in the Wings

Or, indeed, more than one (seeing as Patsy Walker's Hellcat could turn up one day). In this case, though, we're talking about Angela Del Toro - who Jessica recommends as an alternative P.I.

In the comic-books, however, Del Toro is better known as (Daredevil supporting character) White Tiger (above). She didn't remain in the role for long (soon being replaced by Ava Ayala, who Ultimate Spider-Man fans will know from the animated series) but could the reference hint at a future MCU appearance all the same?

3. Kilgrave's Yacht is Called Goldfish For a Reason

Specifically, his cunningly acquired boat is named after a comic-book written by none other than... Brian Michael Bendis, Jessica Jones' creator.

It's a small reference - but a cute one.

2. Luke Cage's Final Plot-Line is Taken Straight From the Comic-Books

Just...not from the ones you might expect, like, say, Alias. Instead, the whole, inherently intriguing 'Luke Cage can't receive medical treatment story-line' comes straight from an entirely different Jessica Jones-centric book, The Pulse, in which...pretty much that same thing happens to Luke (or, at least, the seemingly unsolvable coma and Night Nurse involvement parts of it do).

Speaking of which...

1. Claire Temple is Everywhere

Netflix's Nick Fury, anyone? All Claire needs to do now is to hang out with Iron Fist, and she'll have a clean sweep of all of Netflix's Defenders...

Also interesting? As far as possible confirmations of Claire being ditched as Marvel's Night Nurse in favor of Rachel McAdams go, they don't come much better than her line, having been asked whether she is "some kind of special nurse":

"Nope, I'm not special. I just keep running into special."

Though, of course, seeing as that also pretty perfectly describes the comic-book Night Nurse, you could also just as easily read that as a straight-up rebuttal of the rumors, too.

The big question now, though?

What do you reckon?


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