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...creative differences and he wished Disney well - or said nothing at all. At this point, he has NOTHING to gain from saying anything about STAR WARS because I don't think fans would respect what he has to say, anyway - whatever that is. Still, this thing gets brought up over and over and, no matter how callous and selfish the answer, I think Lucas is being honest. That's apparently what someone wanted, so that's what they got. Also, however deserved they are, fan threats to the extent that they're "done with" Lucas ring a bit hollow in light of the fact that the underwhelming RED TAILS has, to my knowledge, been the only thing directly tied to Lucas, himself, in the last 10 years. That leaves STAR WARS, but regardless of who is actually making the films, Lucas will surely get a ton of royalties and, whether he does or not, he still has the king's ransom from selling his companies. I came to STAR WARS in my late teens, so I never had the nostalgic connection to the original trilogy that I think exaggerated fan expectations and made the prequels even more disappointing than they otherwise would have been. As I said in the article, ALL of this goes back to the prequels and fans' reaction to them, but however flawed in execution, I don't think they're as far removed from the original trilogy in general tone and storytelling style as many claim. As a history buff, I always respected what the prequels try to do with their metaphors for ancient Rome, the Third Reich, and pretty much any democratic or benevolent society gone wrong. Though it's done more subtly than the prequels, the original trilogy deals with and is inspired by a lot of the same historical events and mythological archetypes. What Mr. Goldberg fails to take into account in his rebuttal of Lucas' insistence that STAR WARS was always about family more than anything else is that most of the more memorable key moments in the series deal with the Skywalker lineage and familial relationships. After all, one of if not the most popular bits of dialogue from what many believe to be the best STAR WARS film to date comes from "Empire Strikes Back," and it's four little words: "I am your father!" If that's not about family, I don't know what is.

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