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Day 21 of 22

Just one more day!


I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but there's an interview with Christian Larocque an animation director on The Lion Guard

Picture of the Day

Here we have Tiifu and Kiara on a log, reacting to Timon and Pumbaa eating bugs. Maybe the two of them stopped helping Zuri get freed from the log for a snack, and the lions are reacting to that? Maybe they're just grossed out.

Things to Ponder

"Could Kion's guard have been present during One of Us?"

This is another theory that's just for fun. Besides Bunga (and Kion himself) the members of the guard are common Pride Land animals. Maybe they were some of the animals present during Kovu's exile?




Kion and Bunga could easily be watching somewhere off screen.

What I'm doing Today

Watching all three Lion Kings, Watership Down, and George of the Jungle with my friend


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