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Around February of this year, Lionsgate announced that it would be interested in making prequels or sequels to 'The Hunger Games' trilogy. Now to just about everybody that screams "cash grab", but honestly, there's a few possibilities here. So without further ado, here are some ideas for more 'Hunger Games' movies and a potential prequel TV show.

Post-apocalyptic Earth/Pre-Panem (TV Series)

As mentioned in the first novel and the first movie, Panem was built upon the remains of North America after a devastating war. I don't know how long it took them to build an entire nation with a capitol city and thirteen districts, but I'm guessing it wasn't overnight. Imagine what must have been going through people's minds when they emerged and discovered that they were the only people alive. Each season would cover a stage in the country's development, season one would be about how a group of people banded together to build a community, season two could cover the various settlements across the continent, and so on until we arrive to the Panem that it once was before the Dark Days.

That's when the movies come in...

A Prequel Trilogy

1.The Capitol's Oppressive Reign/The Beginning of a Revolution

The government were real d*cks to their people (obviously), somebody must have had enough of their sh*t and got a small group to start an uprising. This of course eventually leads to a revolution sweeping the country, but for the first entry, it could follow a band of friends and neighbours coming together to overthrow the power the Capitol had in their district. The end could be a newfound army of rebels marching on to other districts, beginning a long war.

2.The Original Mockingjay/The Dark Days

The second movie in the prequel series could be about the war itself, basically if 'Mockingjay' were one film instead of two. We would see the protagonists battle against the Capitol's army and make their way through the city until the cliffhanger ending the leads into the third movie. It could also answer one of the most burning questions of the whole franchise.

According to the first book, the Mockingjay pin was worn by the rebels as a symbol of freedom, the symbol Katniss eventually becomes. Just like in the past, somebody became the face of the revolution at one point or another, and when that happened people wore the pin as a sign of their loyalty. There was someone in Panem's history who was just like Katniss, a representative of the people, a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow. That would answer the one question that is on the mind of every fan: who was the first Mockingjay?

3.The First Hunger Games

Unluckily for the freedom fighters, the rebellion failed, the Capitol won, the Hunger Games were created, and District 13 was bombed to the ground. Or at least that's what the people are told. What leads to the treaty being created and the first Games being played needs to be portrayed onscreen. Also, how the hell did District 13 make such an advanced underground city? And who was the first victor of the Hunger Games?

A Sequel Trilogy

1.A New Panem

Taking place around the same time as the epilogue from 'Mockingjay', the nation comes to terms with its new leader and Katniss remains invisible to the public eye. However, when trouble starts brewing up again, she must use her status as the Mockingjay to unite the nation once more and gain back the trust of many. Not sure how they would stretch it out for an entire movie without making it boring, but the idea could work in a one-off movie.

2.Snow's Legacy

Sure, at this point, President Snow's been six feet deep for quite some time now, but what if her granddaughter tried to avenge him? My guess is she would start an underground movement with the ultimate goal of "returning Panem to its former glory." Hopefully the folks at Lionsgate give this one some serious thought, because, let's be honest, if you went from being the richest kid in the Capitol to being a normal citizen, you'd be pissed off too. It does sound like a rinse and repeat of the last movie, but it would give insight on how the rich and powerful would fight for their old life back.

3.The Mockingjay Lives On

I would imagine this would take place at least 50 years after President Coin is killed, Katniss is a growing old and is a grandmother at this point, and the stories about the rebellion and the woman known as Mockingjay and the Girl On Fire are in history books across the country. Again, not really sure how the story would go down, but if I had to pitch it, it would start with Katniss's granddaughter coming across an abandoned arena. The same one used in the 74th Hunger Games. When she goes home to tell her mother what she found, it's written off as some made-up crap.

Not very good at this so let's just say the granddaughter has to go on a quest to find out if what happened 50 years ago actually did.

I actually have ONE more idea, for a potential spinoff that takes place after the last movie. It wouldn't have anything to do with Katniss or the rebellion or anything like that, but it would show that shady sh*t is going down at the new Capitol.

'The Mockingjay Project'

Just a random title that popped into my head that actually works well with the movie itself. The story would be about an experimental project that would create the ultimate Peacekeepers. Smart, fast, brutal in combat, expert marksman you name it, and he/she can be controlled exclusively by the President. Now what would happen say, somebody evades the brainwashing power and is now on the run? If done right, it could be an awesome action spectacular that will blow people's minds. 'Total Recall' set in 'The Hunger Games' universe, who wouldn't want that?

What do you think of these ideas? Do you have your own? Or should 'The Hunger Games' franchise be left alone as it is? Comment down below or send me a tweet at @CanadaComicNerd. Also, if you want to read more, click right here!


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