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"But there are much worse games to play." There are also much worse movies to see. In fact, it's been a while since I have seen a film as wonderful as this one. The book this film is adapted from, the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy isn't the best one. I heard that from friends, and so last year before Part 1 came out, I tested their theory. They were right, almost. The book is not as intriguing as it's predecessors, but it was still amazing. In spite of that, I was a little nervous to see Part One, as I did not want to be disappointed. Part One was good. But Part 2 was great. It was the finale this trilogy needed. After over four years of these movies topping the box office, it has all come to an end, but it was an end that made you feel nostalgiac for when it all began. It felt pure, and final.

I saw Mockingjay Part 2 last night with my best friend. And let me tell you, this movie was so amazing, I nearly lost myself in it. For a while, right in the middle of the movie, I forgot I was sitting in a theater. That says something. In the epic finale, the rebels take the war to the capital. They walk in, bravely. This movie portrays an epic fight. There's a lot of death, and it's terrifying and sad. But in a non-crazy way, I liked it. I liked all the sadness because it gave the characters a chance to be brave, and make choices that will define the rest of the film.

Just like any finale, it had to come to an end. And, against the opinions of a few of my friends, the ending was absolutely perfect. Katniss and Peeta live happily ever after. It ends with Katniss is sitting in the field with her baby, looking out on Peeta and their child, and it is only now where we get the closure we obviously needed. Snow is gone. Panem is different. Their children won't have to live in a world with the Hunger Games. It was a bittersweet ending. But it was an ending at that. And it was a great one.

That's when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness I've seen someone do. It's like a game. Repetitive. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years. But there are much worse games to play.


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