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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 hit theaters worldwide yesterday and is quickly rising in the box office with $46,000,000. Overall, the film is highly satisfying, leaving fans with closure to the franchise, rather than a feeling of disenchantement, as with the conclusion of the book. Part 2 perfectly captures the message of the book, and is not afraid to delve into the gritty topic of war, showing the price that must be paid, rather than glorifying war. The film (directed by Francis Lawrence), is painfully loyal to the book and makes no compromises when deciding which characters survive the film, or how events take place (with one or two exceptions which are changed to quicken, or expand the plot). Overall, the film is a perfect ending to the series that changed the genre.

What many critics are missing when reviewing this film is the real world value of it, which explores the ever rising political issues of this world, and at last addresses the final fate of our heroes and villains. Likewise, Part 2 offers a new look at Sutherland's ruthless dictator, President Snow, showing him not only as the man who ruled Panem with an iron fist but as a frail old man, bracing for the end. While some are describing the film as "pervasively grim," (Todd McCarthy), Part 2 is in actuality, a true depiction of war and offers insight into the true and less than ideal world of war. The film is unflinching in that nature, refusing to pander to pop culture, and instead does what the franchise has always done best, making viewers feel and forcing them to ponder the dangers of reality television and single-minded thinking.

Part 2 is a war movie, director Lawrence has made that clear from the start, thus the film has been considered lackluster, depicting a war-torn Capitol rather than the sleek, stunning landscape viewer's have become accustomed too. However, this change of scenery is perfect for the dark climax of the film, allowing viewers to feel the full gravitas of the story, instead relying on acting and fast-paced action to draw viewers in. Let it be noted that the sets are no less impressive; Phillip Messina (set designer for the Franchise), once again delivers a gorgeously ambitious and memorable set.

Equally ambitious is the score of the final installment, James Newton Howard (who perfectly galvanized the film's atmosphere), once again delivers emotional and heartbreaking music, while not distracting in any shape during the film, when noticed, add a layer of intensity never before seen in the franchise.

The film itself is a heartbreaking story which follows Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Finnick, along with her film team, and Squad 451, as they move through the heart of Panem with one mission, toppling the dictator Snow. What Part 1 lacked in action, Part 2 more than makes up for. With- in my opinion- the very best action sequence in the entire movie franchise, taking place in the sewers beneath the Capitol, the film puts viewers indefinitely on the edge of their seats until the final notes of the film. The action will leave you gasping for breath, especially in the final sequence of infiltrating the mansion itself, in which the quick-paced, monkey-in-the-middle shootout between Rebels and Capitol Soldiers, now nicknamed, "Loyalists," with Katniss and Gale sandwiched in the crossfire is exchanged.

May it also be noted that what seemed to be a blatant money grab of Lionsgate Entertainment by viewers and critics, after watching a complete marathon of the films (followed by seeing Part 2 in theaters), I can honestly say that the split was not only necessary, it's just what the story needed. Allowing development of ally/ villain District 13's President Coin, and gives filmmakers leeway to give fans the story they want. Additionally, if Filmmaker's had decided to lump the two together, the film would be far too much for viewer's to grasp, and would result in plot-moving scenes, rather than scenes that added to the message behind the story.

Overall, the Film is the perfect ending to the Franchise that changed what could take place in a young adult franchise, and will leave viewers more than happy with the ending, offering far more substance than the book. Offering surprising twists which will surprise even the most die hard fan of the book series, and becomes ever more relevant, and will continue to be so for years to come. The movie is equally superior to it's predecessors, and is a loyal ending to the story.



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