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Netflix just released the full first season of Jessica Jones and already crowning it as one of its best. The snarky, alcoholic superhero and the manipulative psychopath of a villain bring Marvel it's best show yet. While in the theaters Marvel always makes a splash, its previous television attempts haven't given us the heroes we wanted.

One of the best choices of the show was to bring in David Tennant as Kilgrave. Smart, villainous and charming, the perfect counterpart to both Krysten Ritter and Jessica Jones. While Jessica possesses superhuman strength and the ability to jump like she's flying, she's helpless at the hands of a mind controller who has nothing but his mysterious power to hold her. He's the perfect villain for this hero, physically weak yet more powerful than the indestructible Jessica and Luke Cage. A special thank you to the showrunners for casting Mike Colter for this part.

Mike Colter as Luke Cage on Marvel's Jessica Jones
Mike Colter as Luke Cage on Marvel's Jessica Jones

The origin of their powers remains in the dark for quite a while and it's never clear why the existence of Kilgrave is such a shocker in this universe considering the aliens that ripped the sky and that Scarlet Witch already exists and holds a mildly similar ability. It's also unclear why Jessica wouldn't use all the help she could get from Will Simpson, the NYPD cop and one of Kilgrave's victims. Jessica isn't your typical superhero, the kind that would put the needs of other before her own. She's trying, but in the process she's often more selfish and vain rather than helpful, which is what makes her all the more interesting [of course].

"You are exactly the hero I wanted you to be" Trish replies

This universe is filled with victims of superhero failure and even pushes ordinary citizens to seek revenge unto those who destroyed half the city protecting it from the very villains trying to kill them. It's hard to say that Jessica is the hero, there is no hero. Her actions are no less redeemable than that of her arch-nemesis. She's ready to lie and manipulate her friends into helping her and use Luke Cage when it's needed (even though they clearly have feelings for each other). She's not a selfrighteous lawyer or billionaire genius and The Avengers probably wouldn't take her on their squad. She's the kind of superhero many of us would become if faced with such a predicament; lonely, isolated, and angry. There's nothing heroic about her, which is what makes her the best hero yet.

The layers of Kilgrave's personality and life history brought something no other Marvel story could. It's not easy to hate him, especially since he's played by David Tennant. His relationship with Jessica is not as simple as The Avengers or any other Marvel storyline. He's a villain that sometimes begs to be rooted for and it's not easy to deny him.

It's also important to recognize the female driven cast and the diversity (that doesn't exist anywhere else in the Marvel universe). Not only is the cast and the script impressive, it's also the direction that this show is pulling Marvel. It introduced realistic and intelligent women and dynamic villains, as well as a strong supporting cast (welcome Eka Darville as Malcolm and Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth). Jessica Jones isn't aiming to outshine it's predecessors, but it's sure making a name for itself very fast.

The series pays a nice tribute to film noir and breathes life into the dry detective genre that has been far too overused to surprise us with such a fresh new outlook. Jessica Jones manages to make something new with overplayed material and manages to do so better than any previous Marvel attempt.

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