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Alesha Gilliam

It is an offical end to the hunger games series and it was beautifully done. I did not read the books so I am writing this reveiw based on what I saw and not what I read. I give this movie a 10 stars for it was truely wonderfully done. In the beginning they moved at perfect pace and got to the action right away. They did a great job with the coloring of the movie. Keeping with the darker tone of colors like grey , black , and white. Keeps the aundience aware that the war was not over. The acting by Jennifer Lawerence and Josh Hutcherson was definitly an improvement from the past movies that I have seen them in. As the movies continued forward their acting improved with it.

With everything said the special effects , and action sequences were top notch and truley kept me on my toes throughout the movie. Once I figured out what was happening by the end it was like a perfectly wrapped gift and on top the crisp red bow. The way the series ended was perfectly simplistic while still givings us what we want without adding and subtractings things that were not nessacery. This is for sure a perfect end to the franchise and a for sure must see.


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