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Alesha Gilliam

The Night Before starring the very handsome Joseph Gordon Levitt , Frank Mackie and Seth Rogen was a lot of fun with tons of laughs. The plot was pretty simple and thats what made this movie easy to watch. If you go see this movie and are hoping for a heart felt story line then do not watch. However this movie was just a fun time out with friends. I will say the reason this movie isnt getting a full 10 because of the fact that a lot of the times the characters were all over the place. It was three different stories combined into one but they didnt do the best job of making sure everyone got their shine in. Yes it was very funny and goofy but when it came down to the movie being a good movie it was ok. However in the end they did make sure that they left everything on good terms and made sure the three stories worked themselves out. I do say go see this and enjoy a night out with friends but just be aware this movie is not perfect but then again what is.


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