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Just a couple of days ago, the newest Arrow spin-off aired, titled [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021). So far, the Arrowverse consists of Arrow, The Flash, Vixen, Constantine, and Legends of Tomorrow. But will we ever get another one? Probably. So that's why I decided to write this – to give some ideas for a new series.

1. Red Arrow

Soon, Colton Haynes will be returning to Arrow as Roy Harper. He will be driven out of hiding by the Calculator, and he joins Team Arrow for a short while. What if after this, Roy got a new suit, became Red Arrow, and became a superhero again in another city? I think it's a very good idea, and it's my favorite idea for a spin-off, even though I want Roy to join the Legends of Tomorrow.

2. Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate's helmet appeared in the first episode of Constantine, and because that series is part of the Arrowverse, that means Doctor Fate exists. My premise for a Doctor Fate series, is that John Constantine, maybe alongside Chas and Zed, finds a person he thinks is worthy enough to wear the helmet. After that first episode, the series gets its own cast, and becomes its own show. I really want to see Doctor Fate in Legends of Tomorrow, or something else, but his own show might be even better.

3. The Question

When I see that people include a 'The Question' series in their own list, I get annoyed. That is because I see it too often. But that does not mean it's a bad idea. I do want a The Question series as a spin-off of Gotham, but I think The Question is a very different and interesting character that deserves a chance.

4. Constantine

Yes, I know, it wouldn't be a spin-off. But I really want this series to continue, even though it's unlikely. This series would just be on Netflix or The CW, and would continue where Season 1 left off. In there, we learned that Manny, the angel sent to Earth to watch over John Constantine, was actually the villain of the season. In Season 4 of Arrow when Matt Ryan guest starred, he didn't seem like he was in any kind of fight with Manny, but he just looked like he had no problems. So maybe he defeated Manny, and I know I'd really like to see that.

5. Wildcat

Wildcat was the awesome underused character in Arrow Season 3. What I like to think happened was that after he was beaten up by Brick, he healed and moved to another city. That right there starts the story. Wherever he moved to, was a bad place, so he decided to defend the city as Wildcat. I loved the character in Arrow and I think he deserves more screen time, and his own show might be a good place for it. Also, the flashbacks in this show could be very good. They could show Ted Grant when he was a crime fighter in Starling City, before Oliver Queen. This show has the potential to be very, very good.

6. Nightwing

Everyone wants Nightwing on Arrow, including me, and I think he would be perfect for it. But what I think should happen, is that he appears for a couple episodes like Barry Allen did in Season 2, then he spawns his own spin-off. The series would be like Arrow was in Season 1 and 2, where everything was a little more realistic and dark. I would love a Nightwing series, and it would even confirm the existence of Batman in the Arrowverse (We don't know if Batman exists in the present day of the Arrowverse, but we know he exists in the future).

7. The Spectre

The Spectre exists in the Arrowverse, just like Doctor Fate does, and it's all because of Constantine. I think a series starring Emmett Scanlan as Jim Corrigan, and the Spectre controlling his body would be awesome. I always wanted more of Jim Corrigan in Constantine, and his own series would be amazing!

8. Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex will be appearing in Legends of Tomorrow's eleventh episode, played by Johnathon Schaech. He will probably become a recurring character on the show, and that's fine. But I think it would be really cool if we got a Jonah Hex series set in the Wild West, and the past. He is sure to be a great character, and I know I already want to see more of him, so why not in his own series!

There you have it, my top eight characters to get there own Arrowverse spin-off. There are others I wouldn't mind, like Black Lightning or Suicide Squad, and they'd be great as well!

Check out the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, and catch the new episode Jan. 28th on The CW!

What do you want the next Arrowverse spin-off to be? Have any ideas? Please, let me know!


What do you want the next Arrowverse spin-off to be?


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