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Overrated means to have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved. Source - Cambridge English Dictionary

My goodness, I can't stand an overrated comic book character! I mean, it's not that some of the people I'm about to mention aren't great and all, but putting them above other well deserving heroes and villains can sometimes be preposterous.

Let's start with...

6. Batman

Batman doesn't really deserve to be on this list. He's the supreme result of what human beings could be at our peaks. The overrated part only comes in when dedicated Bat-fans actually think he'd stand a chance against truly overpowered heroes and foes...excluding Superman...and Darkseid...

Moving on.

5. Iron Man

Iron Man definitely wasn't a mainstream hero before Marvel took over the film industry. Where was he? Why wasn't everybody in the world loving Tony Stark before? If you would've asked a young kid to name their favorite superhero pre 2008, Iron Man's name would not come up in the conversation.

4. Spider-Man

Unlike Iron Man, Spider-Man happens to be most kids favorite superhero. He was ironically mine as well! The overrated part comes in when Spidey fans think he can beat almost anyone due to his trusty Spider senses. I understand they give him an edge in most fights, but let's not act like he hasn't regularly lost battles to most of his famous foes.

I know Venom doesn't count guys..
I know Venom doesn't count guys..

3. The Hulk

The Hulk has accomplished feats to really make me wonder if he's actually overrated. But when I hear hardcore Hulk fans say he'd beat the likes of Superman or even Galactus, I have to think otherwise.

2. Harley Quinn

Besides being the Joker's insane love interest, and maybe knowing a few cool parkour tricks, what's so incredible about Harley Quinn? She's an awesome character, but definitely not a comic book villain I'd put in my top five.

1. Deadpool

So plenty of folks are hopping on the Deadpool bandwagon now, and I'll definitely admit there's no comic book character like him. In fact, I LOVE Deadpool. Just like other characters on this list though, hardcore fans of his like to use his immortality as an excuse for him to defeat most superheroes and villains in potential battles. Thus making him overrated.

Hey before you all sound off in the comments, keep in mind these are just my opinions.

Maybe you can change my mind?!


Which of these comic book characters are the most overrated?


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